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Posted - 05 Mar 2002 :  17:26:30  Show Profile  Email Poster
The Demo Sampler package is a collection of applications for CE on the StrongARM that is useful for demonstrations.

Copy these files to the "FlashFX Disk\" folder for non-volatile storage. Put your favorites in the "FlashFX Disk\Startup folder" for automatic execution on boot.

Download the Demo Sampler Here (ZIP 44kB)

The package includes:

Sample Applications
Color.exeDisplays the color palette of the device
Polygons.exeDisplays colorful shapes on the screen. Press "P" on software or hardware keyboard to invoke a simple benchmarking test. 1000 repetitions of the test takes between 2 and 10 seconds, depending on processor speed, color depth and panel refresh rate.
Reversi.exeGame you play against computer similar to commercial game "Othello".
Softkbd.exeSoftware keyboard. Very useful for typing in URLs and IP addresses.
SpinTest.exeMicrosoft application that displays panes with spinning cubes. Tap the pane to enable or disable tracks.
Requires SpinCube.DLL in same folder or \Windows.

Demonstration Utilities
AppSuite.exeAllows users to set the IP addresses in non-volatile memory. After successful configuration, restart system to let settings take effect.
IELnch.exeLaunches all HTML (*.htm) files in the Startup folder. Useful for demonstrations of web capabilities of ADS systems. Create a locally-stored "splash page" with a link on the web that you want to access. See instructions for details. A basic ADS splash page is included in this package.
Shortcut launcher.exeLaunches all the shortcuts in the Startup folder of the PCMCIA card or onboard flash disk. Details of launch sent out debug port (no output to display).

Developer Utilities
Alltest.exeADS internal test utility for serial ports. Useful for debugging.
Restart.exeRestarts CE without erasing the contents of RAM. Useful for development because it terminates all applications but does not lose registry settings.
Sleep.exePuts system to sleep. Same as Suspend on Start menu.
To wake GC Plus or GMaster, short pins of J1 together; on Bitsy, short pins on J36 of connector board; for Thin Client, press the button on the connector board.

ADS Knowledge Base

Modified Feb 24, 03: Added link to AppSuite source (ctacke)


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Posted - 10 Feb 2003 :  13:57:00  Show Profile  Email Poster
Is the source code for AppSuite availalbe, I need to do something similar with application registry entries.
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Posted - 14 Feb 2003 :  17:31:26  Show Profile  Email Poster
Because we did not author all of the applications in the demo suite, we do not have the source for all of them. For example polygons.exe was shipped in EXE format by Microsoft with the CE Toolkit for Visual C++ 5.0.
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Posted - 24 Feb 2003 :  08:24:15  Show Profile  Email Poster
OK, how about the source to Appsuite.exe? Which is the one that does the same thing I would like to do.
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Posted - 24 Feb 2003 :  09:57:57  Show Profile  Email Poster
I've added a new forum topic with the AppSuite source (Topic 800) and added a link to it above.
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Posted - 23 Jun 2006 :  13:31:01  Show Profile
I copied the Color.exe file to the "FlashFX DiskStartup" so that it would automatically boot on execution. I am new to the platform and just trying to understand how the thing boots. Now when i reset it, the device shows a pointer cursor on a grey background and just hangs. I cannot seem to establish a connection to get that program back out of "FlashFX DiskStartup". Please advise on how to undo my mistake...
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Posted - 23 Jun 2006 :  13:38:35  Show Profile  Email Poster
To bypass the FlashFX Disk/Startup, create another folder called Startup on your CF card and place another executable file in there. You can download a dummy .exe file here
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