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Posted - 09 Jan 2015 :  10:12:14  Show Profile
We use the BitsyXB boards with CE 5.0, we managed to brick a couple, and we had recieved "Unbricking" software prior, we ran the unbricking software. And it messed up the size of the flashfx drive. Are there new unbricking files for this board?

Microsoft Windows CE Ethernet Bootloader Common Library Version 1.1 Built Aug 7 2009 12:05:36
Unlocking FLASH blocks.
DeleteSysHiveFile 88

Splash Display ADSLOAD.BMP.
bmpHeader.type = 0x4d42
bmpHeader.fileSize = 0x3adb6
bmpHeader.imageOffset = 0x436
bmpHeader.headerSize = 0x28
bmpHeader.width = 0x258
bmpHeader.height = 0x190
bmpHeader.bitsPerPixel = 0x8
bmpHeader.compressionType = 0x0
bmpHeader.imageSize = 0x3a980
bmpHeader.palette = 0x0
BitsPerPixel is 16.
Display Module is the default inside CPU.

Copyright (c) 2002-2009 EuroTech Inc.

BitsyXb Platform - Bootloader
* Version 2.23
* SDRAM: 128 MB
* Flash: 64 MB
* Type: Retail
* Built on Aug 7 2009 at 12:11:11
* CPLD Rev: 6
* DIP SW: 1=off, 2=off
* Boot Option: SEALED BOX UPGRADE =9
* Processor clock (turbo): 512 MHz

System ready!
Preparing for download...
PC Cards Inserted: 1
- ATA disk found. AtaDeviceIndex is 0

Found ADSLOAD.HWT - Copying 3215 bytes to FLASH:
- Reading file (3211 bytes)... Done.
- Storing file... Done.

Found ADSLOAD.REG - Copying 3613 bytes to FLASH:
- Reading file (3609 bytes)... Done.
- Storing file... Done.

Found ADSLOAD.BMP - Copying 241082 bytes to FLASH:
- Reading file (241078 bytes)... Done.
- Storing file... Done.

Found NK.BIN - Copying 24068000 bytes to RAM:
- Reading records Done.
- Storing records Done.

Found resident NK image in FLASH:
- Copying to RAM... Done.

Jumping to image at 0xA0200000(P):0x80200000(V)...

Windows CE Kernel for ARM (Thumb Enabled) Built on Feb 8 2007 at 23:36:51
ProcessorType=0411 Revision=7
sp_abt=ffff5000 sp_irq=ffff2800 sp_undef=ffffc800 OEMAddressTable = 80207af4
System DRAM (MB) - Total:128 Extension:64
Datalight FlashFX Pro v1.11 Build 856
Copyright (c) 1993-2004 Datalight, Inc.
Patents: US#5860082, US#6260156.
FFX: B1A00000 = CreateStaticMapping( 01A00000, 02600000 )
FlashFX SDK License ID #5B2C08D8
Created Thread 27F55E4A
Datalight Reliance v1.13.0337
Copyright (c) 2003 - 2005 Datalight, Inc.
Registered to #6A48B493
Initializing Debug Log Driver...
Initializing FLASH Driver... FSHDRV: B0000000 = CreateStaticMapping( 0, 2000000 )
MfgCode 890089
Initializing ADSLOAD.REG Parsing driver... ok (415ms)
Initializing POWER Driver... ok
Initializing Ethernet Driver... Detected Ethernet(SMC91C111)
Power On PCMCIA B to 3.3V
Initializing SMARTIO Driver...
SMARTIO Detected : PartType=0x8535 Firmware=0x0010 Revision=6
SMARTIO : SerialClockRate=10 KBits/S(0xa7).
Initializing Serial(driver version support IR)... UART0 ok. (106ms)
Initializing Serial(driver version support IR)... UART2 ok. (107ms)
Initializing Serial(driver version support IR)... UART1 oInitializing USB HCD... Ok
Initializing USB Client... Ok
Initializing I2C driver v 1.1...ok (1ms)
USB HCD Wake Up Thread Timing: No registry setting found, use default value.
Initializing Digital I/O Driver v. 2.2...ok (5ms)
Initializing WAV device... Ok
Initializing SDHC Driver... Ok
Initializing PXA25x Display Driver (v1.2)... Ok (365ms)
Initializing Touch Panel driver v 1.6... Ok (5ms)

Microsoft Windows CE Ver. 5.0 (build 0)

Windows CE Ver.(5.00.44 BitsyXb_Pro_HIVE)
Bootloader Version 2.23
ADSLOAD.HWT Version 0x00000000
ADSLOAD.REG Version Not Available
CPLD Version 6
AVR Version 10 6

FlashFX Disk Size = 5MB
FlashFX_32M_Mult = 1

FlashFX Disk Size incorrect, it should be ~34MB

The disk may not have been formatted with the current ADSLoad.HWT

So initially, it looked as though the bootloader version was 2.12, so i changed the adsload.rom in the directory and ran again, this time it came up as 2.23, but my flashfx is still the wrong size. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Posted - 09 Jan 2015 :  10:25:53  Show Profile  Email Poster
I suspect that the problem is fairly simple, the files that you put on to the boards are different from the files that you use on your production systems.

Please check the Windows CE Ver on the production systems to see if it is 5.00.44 BitsyXb_Pro_HIVE. Also check the Bootloader Version to see if it is 2.23.

Then on a production system, copy the files from \Temp to the root of CF card that you are using on this system. You may need to change their names, they should all be - seems to me that some might not be ADSLoad. Then put the CF card into this board are reboot to put those files onto the board.
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