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Posted - 05 Jun 2002 :  11:25:33  Show Profile  Email Poster
HTMLView.exe for CE 3.0

HTMLView is an application that creates a BrowserControl in a full work area window. By default it loads /FlashFX Disk/ADSStart.htm.

You can use HTMLView to use your ADS development system as a web-page kiosk. Simply do the following:

  1. Rename your start page to ADSStart.htm and place it in the FlashFX Disk folder

  2. Rename HTMLView.exe to ADSLoad.exe and place it on an ATA card

  3. Modify ADSLoad.reg to not show the desktop at startup with the following key:
  4. Make sure your DIP switches are set to read from the ATA card (1,3,4 on w/ GM/GCP, all off w/ Bitsy) insert the ATA card and restart the device

The device will start up with no Start bar and the ADSStart.htm page full screen.

Key APIs Used


Lines of Code: 372

Source Download
Rev 1 - June 5, 02 (18k zip).
Note: Not for use with CE 4.0 or later (see below).

modified March 31, 02 (ctacke) - added key APIs and LOC


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Posted - 26 Nov 2003 :  14:17:25  Show Profile  Email Poster

The original HTMLView application was written and compiled using eVC 3.0 and would only run on CE 3.0 devices.

We've added eVC 4.0 project files along with a binary compiled with eVC 4.0 to the download package for use with CE 4.x.
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Posted - 12 Jan 2005 :  13:32:15  Show Profile  Email Poster
I am having trouble using this sample on an AGX dev system with CE.Net4.2. The sample seems to create the control, but will not actually navigate to a page - the screen just remains white. I poked around a bit and the CLSID does exist, but I don't see webview.dll or shdocview.dll on the machine.
Do I need to use a different CE build in order to use this sample?
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Posted - 12 Jan 2005 :  18:39:35  Show Profile  Email Poster
It looks like it's finding the DLLs; otherwise it wouldn't create the control at all (the DLLs are probably hidden, but you can display them with dir and some command line parameters, if you're interested).

We can take a look at this to see what's going on, if it's important to your application.
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Posted - 13 Jan 2005 :  13:18:35  Show Profile  Email Poster
Thank you very much. Yes it is important to my application that I be able to host the browser control. Normally, I would just drop the WebBrowser control on a CFormView but that did not work. That problem is what led me to your sample.
Thanks again,
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Posted - 14 Jan 2005 :  17:05:50  Show Profile  Email Poster
HTMLView.exe uses the IBrowser control from CE 3.0.

Windows CE 4.x added a newer version of Internet Explorer as well as a standard implementation of the IWebBrowser2 that is interface-compatible with IE 6.0's desktop control, so while the HTMLViewer sample will no longer work, just about any desktop or CE example using IWebBrowser2 is applicable. The interface is defined in 'exdisp.h'.
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