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Posted - 10 Sep 2007 :  12:12:19  Show Profile  Email Poster
Q: How can I run an application automatically from the storage card or USB memory stick?

A: If you put an application in the Startup folder of a storage drive, our launcher will run it at boot. The launcher will go through the path specified in the following keys:

"StartupFolder1"="\Storage Card\Startup\"
"StartupFolder2"="\FlashFx Disk\Startup\"
"StartupFolder3"="\Hard Disk\Startup\"
"StartupFolder4"="\Mounted Volume\Startup\"

Once it finds an executable file, the launcher does not search any additional folders, so the order of the folders is important. We suggest that the Storage Card be first in the list to allow you to override apps in the onboard flash with service applications. If security is important, you can disable launching applications from removable storage altogehter.

Note 1: These registry keys work with the ADS launchers updated on many ADS systems in 2007. Previous versions of the ADS launcher searched "Storage Card", "Storage Card 2" and "FlashFX Disk".

Note 2: The application ADSLOAD.EXE (loaded into onboard flash with other boot files) always executes, and is not controlled by these registry entries.

Edited by akidder 27-Jun-2008: Added backslashes to beginning of paths for clarity. Note that these are optional in CE, as ALL paths are absolute (no concept of "current directory").


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Posted - 14 May 2008 :  13:07:03  Show Profile  Email Poster
Q: How does my system decide what to run at startup time?

A: At boot, the ADS bootloader searches for a startup folder. The search is first in the CF card, then the flash and finally the SD Media. Once a startup folder is found, the search terminates.

Q: How can I modify this order?

A: The search order is determined via registry keys. The default keys are in REGINIT.INI. See above for example. The defaults can be overridden by placing keys in ADSLOAD.REG.

Q: Once a startup folder is found, does the search terminate?

A: Yes (see above)

Q: Can I include USB drives in my startup search?

A: Although USB drives are by default not included in the search, you can override using the registry keys described above. However, beware of enumeration order! USB drives donít always enumerate in the same order from one boot to the next, or upon wakeup. If you want to search all your USB drives for 1 EXE, then enumeration order wonít matter, but you canít try to look on some USB devices but not others.

Q: When a startup folder is found at boot, are all *.exes in the folder executed?

A: Yes

Q: Must the exes in the media startup folder be CE applications in order to execute?

A: Yes
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