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Posted - 09 Jun 2009 :  12:26:49  Show Profile  Email Poster
Product Change Notices

The following are Eurotech Inc product change notices.

Older notices from our Eurotech Ltd group are posted here.

PCN14004 EOL notice for Helios
PCN14003 EOL notice for Catalyst EC
PCN14002 EOL notice for Catalyst FX
PCN14001 EOL notice for Catalyst XL

PCN13003 Catalyst EC codec revision change may require driver update for some OSes.
PCN13002 EOL for Helios Products Using Ubiquiti Ministation WIFI module.
PCN13001 EOL for ZyWAN G9 Products Using Ubiquiti Ministation WIFI module.

PCN12002 Catalyst XL: Replacement of EOL bus terminator.
PCN12001 Standard BitsyXb is rated for Commercial temperature range.

PCN11002 EOL for the ISIS MOBLIN LINUX Distribution.
PCN11001 TITAN Flash Change Requires New Linux Bootloader.

PCN10007 Product Replacement of Catalyst Module with Catalyst XL.
PCN10006 Titan USB pin header changed to right angle on standard builds.
PCN10005 Motorola finalizes EOL of iDEN iO270 cellular modem modules. Details of EOL plan for ZyWAN-iDEN products.
PCN10004 Intel announces EOL of 82855 GME GMCH. Details of EOL plan for APOLLO.
PCN10003 EOL of ELAN SC520 Processor, used in Director Series II, III, and IV
PCN10002 AMD announces EOL of ELAN SC520 Microprocessor. Details of EOL plan for PEGASUS and custom products.
PCN10001 XILINX announces EOL of FPGA PROM XC5202/5204. EOL plan for Eurotech’s Advme0203 and Advme1614 boards.

PCN09008 Intel announces EOL of IXP42x and IXP46x. Details of VULCAN and TurboIXP EOL plan.
PCN09007 Motorola reinstates iDen modem. PCN09006 for ZyWAN-IDEN EOL retracted.
PCN09006 (retracted: see PCN09007) EOL of Motorola iO270 wireless module used in ZyWAN-IDEN
PCN09005 EOL of Atmel USB hub used in some custom Eurotech products
PCN09004 Change of Marvell PXA270 to PXA270M
PCN09003 Change of PXA270+Intel P30 flash to PXA270M+Numonyx flash (background and impact)
PCN09002 Intel P30 StrataFlash 130nm-process memory discontinued. Replacing with 65nm-process Numonyx flash. (background and impact)
PCN09001 Catalyst Module rev B to D (SCH US15W D1 to D2 stepping). See topic 2754.

Edited 9-Jul-09 by akidder: Add PCNs 09004 and 09005.
Edited 13-Oct-09 by akidder: Add PCN 09006
Edited 28-Oct-09 by akidder: Add PCN 09007; retract PCN 09006
Edited 16-Dec-09 by akidder: Add PCN 09008
Edited 24-Feb-10 by twhite: Add PCNs 10001, 10002
Edited 11-May-10 by akidder: Add PCN 10004
Edited 13-May-10 by akidder: Add PCN 10003
Edited 21-Jun-10 by akidder: Add PCN 10005
Edited 27-Oct-10 by akidder: Add PCN 10006
Edited 19-Nov-10 by twhite: Add PCN 10007
Edited 29-Jun-11 by twhite: Add PCN 11001 and 11002
Edited 31-Jan-12 by akidder: Add links to impact of P30/Numonyx changes
Edited 22-Mar-12 by akidder: Add PCN 12001
Edited 25-Sep-12 by akidder: Add PCN 12002
Edited 06-Feb-13 by akidder: Add PCNs 13001, 13002
Edited 19-Jul-13 by akidder: Add PCN 13003
Edited 21-Feb-14 by akidder: Add PCNs 14001 to 14004


1519 Posts

Posted - 21 Feb 2014 :  15:52:44  Show Profile  Email Poster
We have posted PCNs 14001 through 14004.
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