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Posted - 11 Jun 2002 :  12:37:40  Show Profile  Email Poster
When I put "Bitsy" to sleep and then wake it up the display driver does not reinitialize properly. Screen is all red, disproportional and chopy. Using 5.7" Sharp TFT 320x240, in portrait mode 16bpp color.


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Posted - 11 Jun 2002 :  14:04:38  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've recently updated the display driver to better handle display rotation and other driver features in sleep mode. Can you tell us what build of CE you're using? (build #, size)

Drew Kidder
ADS Technology Transfer
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Posted - 11 Jun 2002 :  14:41:43  Show Profile  Email Poster
Build 3.17, 13MB

It's the only one with Windows Media Player.
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Posted - 12 Jun 2002 :  09:47:47  Show Profile  Email Poster
I am having a similar problem using a Hantronix display. When I wake up the Bitsy, the image gets a bit fuzzy and there are a few vertical lines of complete garbage. I should mention that I am rotating the display 270 degrees. I am not sure if that has any effect on the wake-up distortion, but I thought it may good to know. Here are the debug messages I get while booting:

Processor Initialization Table read.
Waiting for memory clocks to stabilize.
Memory initialization complete.
Determining boot cause.
Reset detected.

** Bitsy Loader initializing(0x1). **

ADS Bitsy Rom Ver. 1.71 (32 MB DRAM)
(Build at 12:44:25 on Aug 8 2001)

Flash Memory Detected: Intel StrataFlash (32MB)

Reading Flash Header Size...(0xe26 bytes)
Reading Flash ...(from 0x40004 to 0x40e2a)
Reading hardware register values from flash.

This is Color, 8 Bit, Passive Panel.(Width = 320, Height = 240)
8 BPP Color.

Booting from Flash.
Reading Flash Header Size...(0xc26573 bytes)
Reading Flash ...(from 0x140004 to 0xd66577)

CE starts From DRAM(0xc1300000)
Windows CE Kernel for ARM Built on Oct 18 2001 at 16:13:02
ProcessorType=0b11 Revision=8
sp_abt=ffff5000 sp_irq=ffff2800 sp_undef=ffffc800
Windows CE Image was built at 11:52:05 on Feb 4 2002.
Initializing Ethernet debug services.
SMARTIO Detected : PartType=0x8535 Firmware=0x1024 Revision=9
UCB1200 Detected : ID = 0x1004

Microsoft Windows CE Ver. 3.0 (build 126)

ADS BITSY Windows CE Ver.(3.17)

* ADSLOAD.EXE(do-nothing build): Complete
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