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Posted - 05 Nov 2002 :  14:47:38  Show Profile  Email Poster
Eurotech Windows CE SDKs

Platform SDK (Software Development Kit) allow you to debug your application from a PC. Install the SDK that matches your product and operating system version.

The following are the ADS/EUROTECH SDKs for Windows CE:

  • XScale, Freescale and Cirrus Logic Products ("ARMv4I")
    (BitsyX, BitsyXb, Bitsy G5, AGX, VGX, GCX, Sphere, TurboXb, et al)
    CE 6.0 (5.3 MB, "Eurotech_CE_6.0")

    CE 5.0 (46 MB, "ADS_CE_5.0")

    CE 4.2 (42 MB, "ADS XScale 4.2")

    CE 4.1 (28 MB, "IABITSYX")

  • StrongARM Products ("ARMv4")
    (Bitsy Plus, Graphics Master, GC Plus, etc)
    CE 4.1 (28 MB, "IAGM")

Further Reading
CE 5.0 development tools: Topic 2007
CE 4.x development tools: Topic 374

Edited Mar 26, 03 : added BitsyX SDK (ctacke)
Edited Aug 19, 03: Update XScale 4.1 SDK and add 4.2 SDK (ak)
Edited Nov 12, 03: Add note about ARMv4 and ARMv4I, which are the SDK designations listed within eVC and Visual Studio (ak)
Edited Mar 6, 04: Update XScale 4.2 SDK (ctacke)
Edited 8-Oct-04 by akidder: Change CE.NET to CE 4.x
Edited 4-Nov-05 by akidder: Add CE 5.0 SDK
Edited 14-Mar-06 by akidder: Add link to CE 5.0 tools
Edited 25-Apr-06 by akidder: Change CE 5.0 SDK from MSI to ZIP format
Edited 19-May-07 by akidder: Add Freescale and addl products to ARMv4i list
Edited 28-Aug-2008 by ljoy: Add CE 6.0 SDK


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Posted - 28 Jan 2003 :  17:30:09  Show Profile  Email Poster
While the above was originally created for the Graphics Master, it is actually valid for all of the ADS systems. We will be changing the name soon to make it a bit less confusing, but in the meantime download and install the GMaster SDK for all platforms running CE.NET.
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Posted - 19 Aug 2003 :  10:20:45  Show Profile  Email Poster
SDK Update

We've updated the XScale SDK for CE.NET 4.1 and added one for 4.2.
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Posted - 26 Feb 2008 :  11:35:18  Show Profile  Email Poster
Troubleshooting Vista SDK Installations

If you installed the CE 5.0 SDK on a development computer running Windows Vista and you can't see the project template in VS2005 target devices list, try the following:
  • Turn off User Account Control (UAC)

  • - Go to Control Panel -> User Accounts
    - Click on "Turn User Account Control on or off"
    - Uncheck "Use user account control (UAC) to help protect your computer"
    - Restart your computer

  • Install or repair CE 5.0 SDK

  • Verify that the project template now shows in VS2005 target devices list

  • Turn UAC back on

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