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Posted - 11 Feb 2003 :  12:38:18  Show Profile  Email Poster
CE Power Management Functions (topic index)

Windows CE has a number of features to keep power consumption to a minimum in handheld and portable devices. It automatically puts the processor in Idle mode when it is not needed, and has features to dim the backlight or place the system in Sleep mode if it has not been used for a pre-determined amount of time.

Once asleep, ADS systems must be awakened by shorting the RqOnOff input to system ground. This generates the interrupt needed to wake up the processor. There are other methods to wake up the system, including waking at regular intervals and tapping the touch panel (available on our newer products, like the Bitsy Plus).

Consult your user manual for product-specific details concerning power and power management. For example, the Bitsy Plus and AGX user's manuals have a chapter dedicated to power management design.

Try these topics for specific details about how to use the Windows CE power management functions on ADS products:

Using Sleep Mode

Putting your CE system to sleep automatically (inactivity timer)
Putting your CE system to sleep programmatically

Using RqOnOff as a "power" button (both sleep and wakeup functions)
Trapping the PWROFF event before going to sleep

Waking at specific intervals
Going to sleep upon power failure event
Testing for end of power failure (software solution)
Detecting wakeup (notifications)

Hiding the Suspend option on the Start menu

Subsystem Power Management

Controlling Bitsy Plus subsystem power (sample app/topic)

Backlight Control

Dimming or turning off the backlight: ADSmartIO manual, CE sample app (backlight_test.exe)

Using the inactivity timer to turn off the backlight (CE 3.0, CE.NET)

For a list of all Topic Indices, see the Forum Topic Index

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