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Posted - 17 Dec 2003 :  17:55:16  Show Profile  Email Poster
CE Build Revision History: AGX

Legal Notice
These Windows CE images are intended to update AGX product for which a Windows CE license has already been purchased. You must purchase a new license for every unit that is updated to a new version of Windows CE (e.g. 5 to 6) or updated to a different license model (e.g. Core to Pro).

By downloading any Windows CE image from this site, you agree to the following Microsoft statement:
"This software is subject to the terms and conditions of the end user license terms. This software is provided only for use with, and for licensed end users of, the Eurotech AGX. Any other use of this software is strictly prohibited and may subject you to legal action."

The following summarizes the changes made between CE builds for the AGX. Release dates are approximate.

Related topics: AGX User Manual, AGX CE boot code

Dev system config files (LQ64D343): Rev 4702F (zip)

Instructions for updating a CE build can be found in the Developer's Getting Started Guide.

CE.NET 4.2

4.20.49 (25-Oct-2006)
- CAN driver updated to spec 1.5
: 64 MiB DRAM : Pro Hive 20 MiB

4.20.47 (31-Jul-2006)
- Ethernet driver: Improvements for suspend/resume
- Display driver: fix for 4bpp displays

4.20.46 (16-Jun-2006)
- USB mass storage driver improved; supports more USB storage keys (MS QFE reduces enumeration time)
: 64 MiB DRAM : Pro Hive 20 MiB

4.20.44 (21-Apr-2006)
- Includes legacy touch panel for backward compatibility
: 64 MiB DRAM : Pro Hive 20 MiB

4.20.40 (1-Feb-2006)
- Adds KITL support
- I2C driver updated to v 1.1
- DIO driver updated to v 1.4
- Rewrite of PCMCIA driver
- Launcher: bug fix for legacy platform key
: 64 MiB DRAM : Core Hive 14 MiB

4.20.39 (13-Jan-2006)
- Adds Linksys WCF54G 802.11g driver
- Adds DIO v 1.1 driver
- Adds IrDA support
- Quad UART driver: restructure driver for improved performance
- Launch.exe: updated for better performance
- Cisco PCM350 driver updated from 2.40 to 2.60
- Audio driver: correct playback at 22 kbps
- Display driver: supports InvertCursor and SlowCursorFactor settings (passive LCDs)
- Ethernet driver: add TX gain control in registry
- Mouse cursor: bug fix for not showing at boot
- System idle timer: correct performance issues
- Corrects bug with sleep/wake
: 64 MiB DRAM : Pro Hive 20 MiB

4.20.31 (10-Nov-2005)
- USB HCD driver: Major rework to improve performance
- USB function driver: Improved detection of cable insertion/removal
- Display driver: fix bug with QVGA rotated mode
- Display driver: Updates for panel enable/panel power
- CAN driver: fix bug that caused data abort on sleep/wake
- Keyboard driver: Correctly reads F7 key
- Touch panel driver: Improved operation at pen up

4.20.29 (13-Oct-2005)
- Allows selection of either SMC9000 or the newer SMSC LAN91C111 Ethernet driver. The following registry keys select and configure the driver:
; LAN91C111:



"EnableDHCP"=dword:1 ;<== set to 1 if DHCP enabled.

; SMC911C111 (legacy):




4.20.26 (21-Sep-05)
- Display power sequence now meets specs
- Software workaround for CPLD panel_enable bug
- USB Client driver now allows customizing VID and PID through registry
- FlashFX Pro rolled back to 1.11 due to performance issues
- Reliance rolled back to 1.13 due to performance issues

4.20.25 (7-Sep-05)
(following list is a roll-up of changes from 4.20.16 through 4.20.25)
- Hive-based registry replaced RAM-based (4.20.17)
- FlashFX Pro 1.20 driver replaced FFX 5.10 (4.20.17)
- Reliance 1.20 added
- IrDA support added
- Bug fix for COM ports
- QueryPerformanceCounter bug fix
- Updated display driver code to meet Display driver spec 1.0 (4.20.22)
- Backlight now meets Backlight driver spec 1.0
- USB Mouse driver now sets "USBMouseChanged" event
- Updated touchpanel to meet Touchpanel driver spec 1.0
- Fixed sleep/wake bug
- Apply QFES through Q205

Important! The flash disk driver has changed in builds 4.20.17 and later. If you update your CE image from an older build, the flash disk will be reformatted.
Note also that builds after this point are also generally going to include hive-based registries instead of RAM-based registries.

4.20.15 (23-Jun-2005)
- Improved speed/performance
- New Ethernet driver from SMSC
- CAN driver: Update to v1.4
- Touch panel driver: Adds v1.0 driver for improved performance
- Corrects bug: missing adsload.exe can cause boot to hang

4.20.14 (20-Apr-2005)
- Updates to J1708 driver

4.20.13 (9-Feb-2005)
- Updates to J1708 driver

4.20.12 (27-Jan-2005)
- Updated AVRProg.exe to support ATMega AVR parts (background)

4.20.11 (11-Jan-2005)
- Adds J1708 driver v1.0

4.20.10 (1-Dec-2004)
- Includes CompactFramework service pack 3
- Updates CAN driver to spec v1.2
- Updates Cisco Aironet driver

4.20.09 (15-Nov-2004)
- Added support for 32 or 64MB Flash though a registry key change
- Updated USB host driver
- Added new CAN driver (spec v1.0)
- Bug fixes in quad UART driver
- updated RS422/485 driver
- WZC driver replaced with Cisco Aironet driver
- Updated Ethernet driver
- Corrects problem with USB tranfers when passive panels are connected

4.20.06 (14-Apr-2004)
- Epson display driver: can select mode with registry settings
- Philips USB driver: new release
- Display driver: Initial values of backlight on/off and brightness/contrast PWMs can be set with registry keys
- Ethernet driver: corrects error with system logic after reset
- Includes toolhelp.dll; VB script; FTP, HTTPS and telnet servers
Known issues: USB driver does not work after system wakes from sleep

4.20.05 (15-Mar-2004)
- Epson display driver: Includes support for 800X600 LCDs

4.20.04 (11-Mar-2004)
- ADSmartIO driver: corrects mapping of two keys in 8x8 keypad (topic 1422)
- Includes islp2nds.dll
- Known issue: build does not include ActiveSync drivers

4.20.03 (21-Jan-2004)
- Includes CORE license components
- CAN driver: Adds PeliCAN mode (29-bit identifier) support
- I2C driver: improves synchronization with real-time clock (RTC)

4.20.02 (9-Dec-2003)
- First release of 4.20
- Known issues: touch panel controller may not work

CE.NET 4.1

4.10.16 (3-Mar-2004)
- Adds class driver for USB Storage devices
- I2C driver: new architecture supports control of start and stop conditions
- Display driver: supports mono passive displays
- Removes MSN messenger and remote desktop
- Adds SQL Server CE 2.0 ADO.NET Data Provider

4.10.15 (17-Feb-2004)
- Doesn't reset AVR during sleep

4.10.14 (6-Feb-2004)
- Epson display driver: supports NEC LCD monitor
- Includes ELO serial touch panel driver

4.10.13 (13-Jan-2004)
- CAN driver: Adds PeliCAN mode (29-bit identifier) support

4.10.12 (12-Dec-2003)
- Reduced current in Sleep mode
- Adds new release of Cisco Aironet 802.11 driver
- I2C driver: Corrects use of stop bit
- FlashFX Disk driver: Corrects format issue

4.10.11 (13-Nov-2003)
- ActiveSync works on COM1 and COM2
- Reads CPU timing values from ADSLOAD.HWT correctly
- Ethernet driver: works after wakeup
- Display driver, Epson controller: Mouse cursor works when both LCD and CRT are enabled
- Includes ADS Control Panel applets for system configuration
- USB driver: eliminates Sleep/Wake memory leak
- Includes SDAuthUtilDevice.exe and DelCryptoKeys.exe

4.10.10 (31-Oct-2003)
- Touch panel driver: support for 5-wire panels
- Supports timed wakeup
- COM1 driver: Corrects CTS/RTS detection
- COM2 driver: Implements CTS/RTS
- Display driver, Epson controller: Support for both LCD and CRT modes

Not all builds in this list are publicly released. In addition, the Build Selector lists only some of the released builds. For other AGX builds, check the AGX build archives.

Modified by akidder 2-Jan-2006: Add link to REG/HWT files.


1519 Posts

Posted - 05 Mar 2004 :  14:31:14  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've added builds 4.20.03 and 4.10.16.
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Posted - 17 Mar 2004 :  16:02:53  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted build 4.20.05 to the build selector.
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Posted - 15 Nov 2004 :  15:56:40  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted Build 4.20.09 to the build selector.
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Posted - 31 Jan 2005 :  13:15:03  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted Build 4.20.12 to the build selector.
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Posted - 07 Jul 2005 :  12:11:20  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted build 4.20.15, which makes a number of improvements to the touch panel driver and in overall AGX system performance.
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Posted - 08 Sep 2005 :  10:42:49  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted build 4.20.25 to the build selector.
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Posted - 30 Sep 2005 :  11:29:44  Show Profile  Email Poster
Build 4.20.26 has been released and listed to build sector.
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