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Posted - 29 Jan 2004 :  15:02:58  Show Profile  Email Poster
CE Build Revision History: Bitsy

Legal Notice
These Windows CE images are intended to update Bitsy product for which a Windows CE license has already been purchased. You must purchase a new license for every unit that is updated to a new version of Windows CE (e.g. 5 to 6) or updated to a different license model (e.g. Core to Pro).

By downloading any Windows CE image from this site, you agree to the following Microsoft statement:
"This software is subject to the terms and conditions of the end user license terms. This software is provided only for use with, and for licensed end users of, the Eurotech Bitsy. Any other use of this software is strictly prohibited and may subject you to legal action."

The following summarizes the changes made between CE builds for the Bitsy. Release dates are approximate.

CE.NET 4.1

4.14 (5-Jun-2003)
- Display driver: Displays mouse cursor when display is software-rotated

4.13 (5-Jun-2003)
- Display driver update
- Ethernet driver: Enable or disable Ethernet detection with the following registry entry:

   "DoNotInstall"=dword:0    ; 0=disabled, 1=enabled

4.12 (16-Jan-2003)
- Incorporates QFEs through 8-Jan-2003
- Includes USB printer and disk classes

4.11 (25-Nov-2002)
- Includes IrDA driver
- Includes USB function (upstream) driver
- Updates ADSmartIO driver

CE 3.0

3.33 (23-Jul-2003)
- Same image works with Ethernet, CF or custom personality boards. Requires boot 1.78 and following entry in ADSLOAD.HWT:

  0xC0000F14   0x00000001     ; 2 if CF personality board; 1 for Ethernet, custom or no personality board

3.31 (1-Nov-2002)
- ADSmartIO: Updated keypad interface
- UDA1341 audio: Supports full-duplex operation
- Incorporates latest QFEs

3.30 (18-Oct-2002)
- PCMCIA: power logic changed to eliminate potential brief power bus contention

3.29 (3-Oct-2002)
- Hawking card detection priority lowered to allow Voyager VGA card work

3.28 (10-Sep-2002)
- Serial driver: parity checking supports StrongARM workarounds for Mark and Space parity

3.27 (15-Aug-2002)
- Supports ActiveSync on COM1
- Updates restart.exe
- Removes LED driver (COM1 use the same GPIO line)

3.26 (7-Aug-2002)
- Keyboard: drivers support the numeric keypad

3.20 (21-May-2002)
- Supports kernel mode debugger with boot code 1.74
- Adds additional keys to keyboard mapping table (e.g. right ALT, SHIFT, CTRL)
- Adds Control Panel backlight timeout:

      "BLightLevel4On"=dword:0   ; level when running
      "BLightLevel4Off"=dword:ff ; level when idle
      "BatteryTimeout"=dword:3c  ; default is 0x03C (60 seconds)
      "ACTimeout"=dword:258      ; default is 0x258 (10 minutes)

more history... (v3.01 to 3.15)
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