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Posted - 17 Jan 2005 :  13:27:15  Show Profile  Email Poster
Digital I/O Driver Specification

The Digital I/O (DIO) driver encapsulates all available digital I/O lines (except those exposed by the ADSmartIO library) in a single stream driver interface, DIO1:. Each I/O line is represented as one bit in a 32-bit DIO register. Read and write this register using the standard ReadFile and WriteFile functions.

I/O Control codes provide additional functionality such as setting the line direction (i.e. input or output), masking individual lines, enabling wakeup from digital IO lines and generating interrupts.

Revision History

The following list summarizes the changes in the driver specification. See the spec for full details.
1.2 (31-Jan-2006) PDF 317kB
- Added the ability to alter priority of the interrupt-monitoring threads

1.1 (3-Jan-2006)
- Added the ability to change interrupt events to call SetEvent instead of PulseEvent.

1.0 (15-Nov-2004)
Included with VGX build 4.20.21, GCX build 4.20.04
- Initial release.


C# DIOTestApp: GUI-based DIO test and demo app
C SampleDIO: command line test app (obsolete)

Related Topics

DIO bit mapping for TurboXb
DIO bit mapping for GCM

Edited by ctacke 13-Apr-2003: new document
Edited by akidder 28-Apr-2006: older versions available on request
Edited by akidder 19-Jul-2006: Add link to C# GUI test app
Edited by akidder 8-Jan-2007: Updated release of document (rev 6) includes BitsyXb and Sphere signal mappings.
Edited by akidder 29-Apr-2008: Add link to TurboXb bit mapping
Edited by twhite 19-Nov-2012: Add link for GCM bit mapping


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Posted - 13 Apr 2005 :  14:12:33  Show Profile  Email Poster
Documentation Update

We've updated the document to include the BitsyX bit to signal mapping and on-board LEDs
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Posted - 16 Feb 2006 :  17:31:04  Show Profile  Email Poster
Documentation Update

We've released version 1.2 of the specification.
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Posted - 17 Nov 2006 :  07:20:04  Show Profile  Email Poster

Availability of Interrupts

CE 4.2 has fewer interrupts available than 5.0. We recently observed a BitsyX CE 4.2 system that ran out of hardware interrupts when using the DIO driver interrupt feature. In that instance, we found that disabling the drivers for COM4: through COM7: freed up interrupts that had been allocated to the unused quad UART driver.

If your CE 4.2 platform runs out of interrupts, you may need to similarly disable some device drivers that generate interrupts. Contact us if you need help doing this for your application.
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Posted - 24 Feb 2010 :  18:49:07  Show Profile  Email Poster

Newer Sphere II CE Images allow support configuring GPIO's on Ports C and D as matrix keypads or Digital I/O's via a registry key.

See topic 2272 for more information.
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