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Posted - 17 Oct 2005 :  10:19:18  Show Profile  Email Poster
CE Build Revision History: Sphere and Sphere II

Legal Notice
These Windows CE images are intended to update Sphere & Sphere II products for which a Windows CE license has already been purchased. You must purchase a new license for every unit that is updated to a new version of Windows CE (e.g. 5 to 6) or updated to a different license model (e.g. Core to Pro).

By downloading any Windows CE image from this site, you agree to the following Microsoft statement:
"This software is subject to the terms and conditions of the end user license terms. This software is provided only for use with, and for licensed end users of, the Eurotech Sphere & Sphere II. Any other use of this software is strictly prohibited and may subject you to legal action."

These are the Windows CE builds released for the Sphere and Sphere II products. Release dates are approximate.

Related topics: Sphere User Manual, Sphere CE drivers & files, Sphere CE Boot Code

Dev system config files (LQ64D343): Rev 97003 (zip)

For Debugging: Ethernet Debugging Files
The VS2005 debugging files are known to work on a development computer with VS2005-RTM installed, and with no service packs. They may not work with other configurations. The files are an ADSCopy solution that should be copied into the Sphere Startup directory.

CE.NET 5.0

5.00.24 (Sep-2008)
- Changed to .NET CompactFramework 3.5
- Added Standard SDK
- Added SQL Mobile 2.0
- Added Remote Desktop Connection
: 64 MiB DRAM: Pro Hive (23 MiB)

5.00.23 (5-Aug-2008)
- Added support for RS422.
: 64 MiB DRAM: Core Hive (14 MiB)

5.00.22 (2008)
- USB Hubs now support multiple USB devices.
- Known issue: Powered USB hubs do not enumerate at boot; must be hot-plugged
: 64 MiB DRAM: Core Hive (14 MiB), Pro Hive (20 MiB)

- GPIO driver allows Ports C and D to be configured as keypad or digital I/Os. Registry key selects the option (details). Resolves slowness issue listed in 5.00.16.

5.00.19 (12-Nov-2007)
- Fix cursor being present without mouse attached
: 64 MiB DRAM: Core Hive (14 MiB)

5.00.17 (26-Oct-2007)
- Update SSP driver to accomodate EP9315 E2 CPU
- Fixes intermittent boot crash

5.00.16 (25-Sep-2007)
- Persist touch panel calibration
- Addes keypad driver
- Known problem: When running both matrix keypad and digital I/O, system runs very slowly (through 5.00.19)
- Known problem: intermittent boot crash

5.00.15 (21-Aug-2007)
- Fix to audio driver to avoid random hiss instead of correct sound
- Note: Core build incorrect size
- Note: Touch panel calibration not persisting

5.00.14 (14-Aug-2007)
- Added matrix keypad driver
- Note: - touch panel calibration not persisting

5.00.13 (23-May-2007)
- Fixes problem with persisting touch panel calibration
: 64 MiB DRAM: Pro Plus Hive (20 MiB), Pro Hive (20 MiB), Core Hive (14 MiB)

5.00.11 (24-Oct-2006)
- Initial release of Pro Plus build
: 64 MiB DRAM: Pro Plus Hive (20 MiB)

5.00.09 (31-Aug-2006)
- Launcher checks Hard DiskStartup folder at boot for exe files, in addition to Storage Card and FlashFX Disk
- Core build adds DirectShow components (e.g. can play WMV files programmatically)
: 64 MiB DRAM: Core Hive (14 MiB)

5.00.08 (23-Aug-2006)
- Pro image size decreases to 20MB
: 64 MiB DRAM: Pro Hive (20 MiB)

5.00.06 (26-Jul-2006)
- First Sphere Pro for CE 5.0
Known Issues:
- Active Sync does not always connect.
- Inserting certain Wireless cards may cause system to reboot.
- RS-422 does not work
: 64 MiB DRAM: Core Hive (14 MiB), Pro Hive (24 MiB)

5.00.05 (8-Jul-2006)
- DIO driver supports interrupts from any number of interrupt inputs
: 64 MiB DRAM: Core Hive (14 MiB)

CE.NET 4.2

4.20.06 (14-Apr-2006)
- Adds CAN bus driver v 1.4
- Known issue: RTC does not function correctly
: 64 MiB DRAM: Pro Hive (16 MiB)

4.20.04 (20-Sep-05)
- Flash disk driver uses Datalight Reliance 1.13 and FlashFX Pro 1.11
- Hive-based registry
- Applies latest quarterly QFEs
- USB Function driver supports changing VID and PID
- New backlight driver
- New display driver
- New touch driver
: 64 MiB DRAM: Pro Hive (16 MiB)

Edited by akidder 21-Jul-2006: These builds work with both Sphere and Sphere II.


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Posted - 08 Jun 2006 :  13:29:39  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've added build 4.20.06 to the list.
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Posted - 09 Jul 2007 :  14:15:52  Show Profile
We've added Build 5.00.13 to the list.
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Posted - 30 Dec 2007 :  13:22:45  Show Profile
We've added Build 5.00.19 and links to Sphere bootloaders
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