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Posted - 03 Aug 2010 :  17:28:59  Show Profile  Email Poster
Vector User's Manual (rev A PDF 1.7MB)

The Vector is a high-performance, low-cost single board computer based on the Intel® Atom™ processor. It uses an integrated two-chip solution comprised of the Intel Atom processor and Intel® System Controller Hub US15W (Intel® SCH US15W). The Intel Atom processor utilizes the new low-power Intel micro architecture, while the Intel SCH US15W contains an integrated 2D/3D graphics controller supporting hardware-accelerated graphics display and video processing capabilities. The Vector conforms to the EPIC form factor and implements several industry-standard interfaces supporting a broad spectrum of end-use applications. With the Vector, embedded users can gain higher performance at a lower cost.

The Vector is available with Windows CE, Windows Embedded Standard, and Wind River Linux 3.0 operating systems. Support is also available for the Java Virtual Machine and Eurotech’s Everyware™ Software Framework, which offers an easy-to-use, Java-based development environment that minimizes time to market and allows for easy portability for future expansion.

Related documents:
- Vector Development Kit VEC7000 Quickstart Guide for Wind River Linux LiveUSB ( PDF 350KB)
- Vector ICE Development Kit Quickstart Guide for Wind River Linux (topic 3060)
- Vector Development Kit VEC7000 Quickstart Guide for WES and CE ( PDF 330KB)
- Vector Development Kit VEC1330 Quickstart Guide ( PDF 330KB) beta kit

- Mechanical drawings (topic 2953)

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Edited by twhite 3-Aug-2010: Posted rev 2 manual
Edited by akidder 10-Nov-2010: Note that documentation is preliminary and will be changing.
Edited by akidder 17-Nov-2010: Posted rev 3 of the user manual and removed warnings.
Edited by twhite 9-Feb-2011: Posted rev A manual, posted VEC7000 DK quickstart guide.
Edited by twhite 12-May-2011: Posted VEC7000 Quick Start Guide for LiveUSB, WES, and CE.
Edited by twhite 12-Dec-2012: Posted Vector ICE Quick Start Guide with Wind River Linux.


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Posted - 19 Aug 2010 :  14:46:55  Show Profile  Email Poster
Erratum (for v1 alpha boards):

Issue: When booting Windows Embedded Standard on the Vector dev kit, you might get a "New Hardware Found" dialog box popup. It will state it found a USB Controller.

Resolution: Reboot your system, pressing F2 at the splash screen. Within the BIOS Setup screen, go to the "Advanced" submenu, then select "USB Configuration". Beside "USB Client", be sure "Disabled" is selected.

FYI, this feature is not yet supported. Hence, this procedure.

Edited by - gtwhite707 on 19 Aug 2010 14:48:24
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Posted - 19 Oct 2010 :  14:21:01  Show Profile  Email Poster
Errata: Vector User Manual, rev 2

1. In the Vector User Manual rev 2, the pinout for J37 is incorrect. Pin 1 is swapped with pin 4. The correct pinout is

- 1: Name:5VS_SATA, Type:PO, Desc:5V power for SATA disk drive
- 2: Name:GND, Type:P, Desc:Ground
- 3: Name:GND, Type:P, Desc:Ground
- 4: NC

2. In the Vector User Manual rev 2, the maintenance port is incorrectly specified as an EIA-232 serial port. The signals DEBUG_TXD (J9 pin 1) and DEBUG_RXD (J9 pin 2) are TTL-level signals. Damage can occur to the Vector if these signals are connected to an EIA-232 serial port.
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Posted - 17 Nov 2010 :  16:01:31  Show Profile  Email Poster
New Release of User Manual

We have released a new version of the user manual. It covers the changes made for Revision A of the Vector. There are significant changes, and rev A is not fully compatible with prototype revision 1.

If you have a revision 1 Vector, you can still download the original manual: PDF 1.8MB
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Posted - 23 Sep 2011 :  16:42:56  Show Profile  Email Poster
Addendum: serial cable dongle for dev kit.

For those of you that have our Vector development kits, VEC1330 or VEC7000, we have included a serial cable dongle. Here is a point-to-point connection description for that cable:

Connector "A" is the 10-pin connector at the board.
Connector "B" is the DB9 connector.

Conn A -- Conn B
Pin 1 ----- Pin 1
Pin 2 ----- Pin 6
Pin 3 ----- Pin 2
Pin 4 ----- Pin 7
Pin 5 ----- Pin 3
Pin 6 ----- Pin 8
Pin 7 ----- Pin 4
Pin 8 ----- Pin 9
Pin 9 ----- Pin 5
Pin 10 ---- Not Used
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