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Posted - 01 Oct 2007 :  14:13:18  Show Profile  Email Poster
CE Build Revision History: Bitsy G5

Legal Notice
These Windows CE images are intended to update Bitsy G5 product for which a Windows CE license has already been purchased. You must purchase a new license for every unit that is updated to a new version of Windows CE (e.g. 5 to 6) or updated to a different license model (e.g. Core to Pro).

By downloading any Windows CE image from this site, you agree to the following Microsoft statement:
"This software is subject to the terms and conditions of the end user license terms. This software is provided only for use with, and for licensed end users of, the Eurotech Bitsy G5. Any other use of this software is strictly prohibited and may subject you to legal action."

The following summarizes the changes made between CE builds for the Bitsy G5.

Standard REG/HWT files: 7014 (LQ64D343 640x480 VGA TFT @ 16 bpp)

Related topics: Bitsy G5 CE boot code, Bitsy G5 User Manual
CE 6.0

6.00.04 (14-Mar-2008)
- Preliminary release
: 128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (14 MB), Pro Hive (22MB)

CE 5.0

5.00.13 (8-Jul-2008)
- Supports setting breakpoints for debugging

5.00.11 (14-Mar-2008)
- Adds DCOM
- Improved mouse detection
: 128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (17 MB), Pro Hive (20MB)

5.00.09 (9-Jan-2008)
- Removes drivers for obsolete cards: NE2000 PCMCIA Ethernet, Symbol LA-4137 wireless CF.
: 128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (17 MB), Pro Hive (20MB)

5.00.08 (Jan-2008)
- Adds support for serial port hardware handshaking
  Important! UART flow control MUST be disabled for Bitsy G5 revisions 2 and 3.

5.00.07 (21-Dec-2007)
- Supports vector floating point (VFP)
: 128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (17 MB), Pro Hive (20MB)

5.00.05 (6-Nov-2007)
- Improved USB mass storage support

5.00.04 (6-Nov-2007)
- Adds restart.exe, microphone and duplex audio, USB ActiveSync, desktop display, several 802.11 drivers, CompactFramework 2.0
- Supports disabling the desktop (shell)
- Debug port runs at 115kbps
- Smaller image

5.00.02 (1-Oct-2007)
- Initial release
: 128 MiB DRAM : Pro Hive

Edited 27-Jun-2008 by akidder: Add build 5.00.09. Add history for older builds. Change 64M to 128M DRAM (standard G5 configuration). Add link to user manual in introduction.


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Posted - 27 Jun 2008 :  12:16:54  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've updated the build history and added links for releases 5.00.08 through 5.00.11 and for 6.00.04.

I'll take this opportunity to remind you that your organization is responsible for license fees to Microsoft and possibly Datalight when you upgrade production units to a newer version of CE (e.g. 4.2, 5.0, 6.0). We will send you a license agreement to acknowledge before we send you 6.0 releases.
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