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 Catalyst XL Development System User's Manual
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Posted - 18 Apr 2008 :  13:34:40  Show Profile  Email Poster
Catalyst XL Development System User's Manual (rev D PDF 1.7MB)

For more documentation, please see the Related Topics section below.

The Catalyst Module and XL Module are high performance, low power modules based on the Intel Atom processor. The Intel Atom processor utilizes the new, 45 nm Low Power Intel Architecture (LPIA), resulting in system power under 5W with clock rates up to 1600 MHz. Desktop performance in a mobile package!

The Catalyst module features the Atom processor, the SCH US15W System Controller Hub, 512 MB DDR-2 DRAM and system BIOS.

The module mates to the Catalyst Carrier board, which features:
  • PCI Express and Mini-PCI Express interfaces
  • Five USB ports
  • Six serial ports (including EIA-232, EIA-422 and EIA-485)
  • Two SD/MMC sockets
  • IDE/ATA hard drive interface
  • I2C and SMBus interfaces

The Catalyst Development System includes:
  • Catalyst Module
  • Catalyst Development System carrier board
  • Catalyst display adapter
  • 10.4-inch 800x600 16-bit color LCD with touch panel
  • Plexiglas mounting
  • AC power adapter
  • Operating system of your choice

The Catalyst runs Linux, Windows XP, Windows CE and supports the full Core 2 Duo instruction set, allowing quick ports of existing code bases.

Related Topics: Catalyst EC, Design-In Guide, Windows CE

- Catalyst XL & Catalyst TC Compatibility Technical Bulletin: Topic 3014

Catalyst Module XL Dev Kit (CE Pro & WES) Quick Start Guide (475KB PDF)

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Edited by twhite 12-Oct-2009: Modified includes list.
Edited by akidder 4-Mar-2009: Posted rev 4 manual
Edited by twhite 18-Oct-2010: Posted Catalyst Module XL manuals.
Edited by twhite 14-Jun-2010: Posted Rev A manual.
Edited by twhite 3-Apr-2013: Added text about seeing the Related Topics section.


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Posted - 05 Dec 2008 :  17:45:53  Show Profile  Email Poster

Connecting to Maintenance Port P2

Note that while the singalling levels of Maintenance Port P2 follow the EIA-232 standard, the connector pinout does not (the TX and RX signals would need to be swapped for use with standard EIA-232 cables). This change is intentional to remind developers that this port is not for application use.

If you are directed to use port P2 when working with Eurotech staff, use a DB9 gender changer or custom cable to connect to it.
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Posted - 18 Dec 2008 :  19:00:29  Show Profile  Email Poster
Connecting a Touch Panel

There are a few changes we're making to the touch panel connections in the development sytems.

If you are connecting a touch panel before we release the next revision of the user manual, contact us and we'll get you the updates.
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Posted - 04 Mar 2009 :  18:14:24  Show Profile  Email Poster
Updated Manual: Rev 4

We've posted rev 4 of the manual, which includes more diagrams and a number of clarifications.
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Posted - 14 Jun 2010 :  14:26:13  Show Profile  Email Poster
Updated manual: Rev A

We have posted the latest version of our user manual.

Summary of changes includes:

Catalyst Module XL information added
Development kit component list updated
Section for Synchronous DRAM updated
TPM supported as optional feature
IDE/PATA disk drive is optional
Notation for I2C bus and SMBus addresses corrected
Backlight and IDE_PATADET signals clarified
ATX power supply no longer supported
ACPI power state table updated
Touch panel header J26 updated
Appendix E: Maintenance Port added

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Posted - 18 Oct 2010 :  12:02:52  Show Profile  Email Poster
We posted the following documents within the "Catalyst Module Development System User's Manual" Topic:

Catalyst Module XL Dev Kit User Manual (1.9MB PDF)
Catalyst Module XL Dev Kit (CE Pro & WES) Quick Start Guide (428KB PDF)
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Posted - 27 Jun 2011 :  11:35:22  Show Profile  Email Poster
Correction: EIA-422 is Default (not IrDA)

On page 18 of the user manual (110122-3001C), within the IrDA section, the manual states -

"The Super I/O Controller UART2 implements the IrDA function on U35, page 57 or an EIA-422 serial port on header J40, page 49. The discrete I/O IRDA_SEL selects one of the two capabilities. For further details, see System I/O, page 21. Standard Catalyst XL Development Kits default to the IrDA interface."

The final sentence of this paragraph should read, "Standard Catalyst XL Development Kits default to the EIA-422 serial port on header J40."
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