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Posted - 13 Nov 2008 :  11:55:20  Show Profile  Email Poster
Catalyst EC User's Manual (rev A PDF 1810kB)

For more documentation, please see the Related Topics section below.

The Catalyst EC is a high-performance, low-power computer in the EPIC form factor based on the Intel Atom processor. The Atom processor utilizes Intel's 45 nm Low Power Intel Architecture (LPIA), resulting in system power under 5W with clock rates up to 1600 MHz. Desktop performance in a mobile package!

The Catalyst module at heart of the Catalyst EC features the Atom processor, the SCH US15W System Controller Hub, up to 1 GB DDR-2 DRAM and system BIOS.

The Catalyst EC includes the following features:
  • Atom Processor, 1.1 to 1.6 GHz
  • Up to 1 GB DDR-2 SDRAM
  • Dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces
  • Five USB 2.0 ports
  • Six serial ports (including EIA-232, EIA-422 and EIA-485)
  • SD/MMC socket
  • Module support for 802.11 b/g, WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS
  • IDE/ATA hard drive interface
  • I2C and SMBus interfaces
  • Independent LVDS and Analog VGA display outputs
  • Intel HD stereo audio
  • Commercial and Industrial operating ranges

The Catalyst EC runs Linux, Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded (XPe), Windows CE, and supports the full Core 2 Duo instruction set, allowing quick ports of existing code bases.

Related Topics:
- Catalyst EC Dev Kit Quick Start
- Catalyst Development System User's Guide
- Windows CE builds

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Edited by twhite 8-Sep-2009: Posted rev 4 manual.
Edited by twhite 3-Apr-2013: Added text about Related Topics section.


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Posted - 18 Dec 2008 :  19:02:48  Show Profile  Email Poster
Connecting a Touch Panel

We'll be adding details about touch panel connections in the next version of the user manual.

If you are connecting a touch panel, contact us and we'll get you the updates.
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Posted - 14 May 2009 :  16:57:56  Show Profile  Email Poster
(Early Dev Kits) Warning! Connecting Development Kit Power

It is possible to touch the 12V center of the DC power plug to the outer ground ring of the power socket. If earth-grounded equipment is connected to the Catalyst EC, it can result in a short to ground through the Catalyst EC, resulting in potentially fatal damage to all equipment.


To prevent damage to your system, attach the AC/DC power supply to the Catalyst EC before plugging the supply into the AC mains. Disconnect the AC power cord or use an AC power strip if you need to interrupt power frequently (e.g. during test or development).

Eurotech will be providing a replacement power connector to EC customers in the near future.
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Posted - 09 Sep 2009 :  15:30:33  Show Profile  Email Poster
An updated Catalyst User Manual has been posted. Revision 4 is here now, with updated drawings, new appendices, and revised sections.
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Posted - 18 Mar 2010 :  10:34:58  Show Profile  Email Poster
Correction: Backlight Control Signal

The L_BKLTCTL (J22 pin 12) signal is an analog output with the following specifications:

Min: 0.5V sinking 0.1mA
Max: 2.0V sourcing 0.1mA, 2.5V with no load

The rev 4 Catalyst EC User Manual incorrectly states otherwise.
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Posted - 02 Aug 2010 :  18:53:19  Show Profile  Email Poster

Brownout and Overvoltage Protection

The Catalyst EC power supply includes brownout and overvoltage protection that disconnects the input power from the EC if the voltage drops below 8V or goes above 16V. The power typically remains disconnected for about 90 ms before being reconnected.

Configurations for main power inputs up to 28 V are available as volume production options.

Implications for Power Supply Inrush Current

If the EC power LED blinks rapidly and does not boot, it may indicate that your power supply is not supplying sufficient inrush current at power-up. The EC begins to power up, but draws down the input voltage to the point where it trips the brownout protection circuit.

Make sure that your power supply cabling is heavy-enough gauge and not any longer than necessary, and that the power supply has sufficient capacitance to supply the EC's inrush current requirements.
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Posted - 02 Sep 2010 :  10:20:48  Show Profile  Email Poster
Catalyst EC User's Manual, Rev A has been posted to our forums, linked above. This revision incorporates the updates noted in this topic.
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Posted - 22 Sep 2011 :  16:23:17  Show Profile  Email Poster

PCIe Bus 2/Ethernet 2 Sometimes Causes Boot to Hang

We have identified an issue in which PCIe Bus 2 of some rev A and B Catalyst EC boards has difficulty communicating with the second Ethernet controller.


(1) System does not complete boot.
(2) Ethernet 2 is not available once system has booted.


First, make sure that your system is using BIOS or later (ensures a MAC address issue on Eth2 is not the issue).

Then try one of the following:
(1) Place a shunt on J36 to disable the second PCIe bus (and, thus, Ethernet 2)
(2) Disable Ethernet 2 in the BIOS
(3) Contact Eurotech to rework the board to permanently enable a connection to Ethernet 2 (or the PCIe card socket).
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