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Posted - 21 Mar 2002 :  20:32:32  Show Profile  Email Poster
The Eurotech Inc Windows CE Developer's Guide

This reference is your starting point for developing CE applications for Eurotech Inc products. Topics include:
  • Understanding and updating system files

  • Using discrete I/O device drivers

  • Developing applications

CE Developers' Guide, C# edition (Rev A) PDF 1.2MB

Also see the Developer's Getting Started Guide (Topic 609) for more information.

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Edited by twhite 4-Apr-2012: Format updated.
Edited by akidder 27-Sep-2006: Remove link to document 100110-00145 (is available at forum topic 609)


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Posted - 21 Mar 2002 :  20:38:24  Show Profile  Email Poster

Product Applicability

Though it specifically mentions only the Eurotech Thin Client and Graphics Client, this manual generally applies to all Eurotech StrongARM products. One obvious exception are the Bitsy/Bitsy Plus boot DIP switch settings(txt).

This manual in the process of being revised to include all Eurotech products.

ADS Knowledge Base

Edited by akidder 27-Jan-2003: Bitsy Plus switch settings are same as Bitsy.
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Posted - 21 Mar 2002 :  20:54:01  Show Profile  Email Poster

Addendum: More CE Port Names

The following table lists the CE Port Names for Eurotech ARM-Based Development Systems' signal names:


These drivers have been replaced by the DIO driver in Eurotech products built since 2005. While the bit-based drivers listed below may be implemented in your product, they are deprecated and may not be supported in future builds.

Signal NameGraphics MasterGraphics Client PlusBitsy
GPIO25GPI2: (LED2:)GPI2:n/a
GPIO26GPI3: (LED1:)GPI3:n/a

ADS Knowledge Base

Edited by knowledgebase 2-Apr-2002
Edited by akidder 9-Apr-2007: Add deprecation notice
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Posted - 02 Apr 2002 :  19:23:13  Show Profile  Email Poster

Graphics Master Backlight and Vee Control

On the Graphics Master, the SA-1111 companion chip controls Vee (contrast control voltage for passive LCD displays) and the backlight. The driver is named "SAM1:".

The SA-1111 drives two PWM outputs whose duty cycle can be varied from 0 to 100% in 256 steps. The driver has the flexibility to increase and decrease the present output level by a specified step size (eg. when a user presses +/- buttons to change the intensity) or it can set an absolute level.

The driver uses DeviceIoControl() calls to configure output. It accepts one-byte values as described in the following table:

Control Code Code Value Description
------------------------- ------ ----- -------------------------
IOCTL_SET_BACKLIGHT_UP 0x00 0-FF Increase by step given
IOCTL_SET_BACKLIGHT_DOWN 0x01 0-FF Decrease by step given
IOCTL_SET_BACKLIGHT_ON 0x02 0 Turn on; parameter unused
IOCTL_SET_BACKLIGHT_OFF 0x03 0 Turn off; parameter unused

IOCTL_SET_VEE_UP 0x10 0-FF Increase by step given
IOCTL_SET_VEE_DOWN 0x11 0-FF Decrease by step given
IOCTL_SET_VEE_LEVEL 0x14 0-FF Set level

bRet = DeviceIoControl(hPort,IOCTL_SET_BACKLIGHT_OFF,NULL,0,NULL,0,&ulBytesRet,NULL);

ADS Knowledge Base
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Posted - 17 Sep 2002 :  17:27:31  Show Profile  Email Poster
Has anybody else noticed that this WinCE for GC+ manual is three years old, and doesn't seem to have much to apply to todays boards (CE 3.0, ActiveSync, Repilog, etc.)? It talks about using an ATA card instead of the FlashFx Disk, and RMONKEY and ADSMONKEY programs I don't see.

I don't see where the ADSLOAD.REG file goes or how to update them (since section 2.5 refers to an ATA card I don't have).

How do I get files I put on the desktop to be persistent after a reset?

And lot's of other questions we haven't thought of yet (we're just now getting started with the GC+). Is there going to a be a new edition of this manual anytime?
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Posted - 17 Sep 2002 :  17:38:29  Show Profile  Email Poster
When writing and maintaining manuals, especially in a quality controlled environment, it can be challenging to keep them current. While we do plan to update the developer's guide, It likely will not happen until CE 4.1 is in full use along with the Smart Device Extensions. Until then, more current information, especially for CE, is maintained in these forums.

A good place to begin is with the Developer's Getting Started Guide. It is more current and can be found here.

Additionally, take a look in the Sample Applications forum at ADSCopy for information of persisting applications and settings through a reset.

Chris Tacke, eMVP
Applied Data Support
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Posted - 17 Sep 2002 :  17:51:07  Show Profile  Email Poster
Yeah between my last post and this one I found the "Getting Started" guide you just posted last week. Just in time for us, I guess! Thanks. :-)

As long as you're responding in so timely a manner, where is the "Developer's Page" that's refered to in several places (like for the null modem cable drawing). Is it just ?

BTW, your Getting Started manual says we were supposed to get a DB9 F/F null modem cable with our development system. We didn't, so now I'm off to Radio Shack to buy one! (I currently have it patched in with a breakout box)
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Posted - 17 Sep 2002 :  17:58:24  Show Profile  Email Poster
The "Developer's Page" was a flat HTML page that these Forums replaced earlier this year. The link is also called the Support Portal, and is generally a more organized way to find common info in the Forums.

Chris Tacke, eMVP
Applied Data Support

Update 29-Apr-2008 by ljoy: Link is no longer valid; see most recent post below
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Posted - 18 Sep 2003 :  12:49:04  Show Profile  Email Poster

We've released another preliminary version of the new CE developer's guide that covers Visual Studio .NET 2003 connectivity and Smart Device application deployment. The link is available in the original post of this Topic.
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Posted - 29 Apr 2008 :  17:32:44  Show Profile  Email Poster
The Support Portal is now found at
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Posted - 04 Apr 2012 :  16:01:41  Show Profile  Email Poster
Update, Revision A

We've released another version of the CE Developer's Guide. This revision A incorporates format changes.
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