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Posted - 25 Mar 2002 :  23:10:29  Show Profile  Email Poster
Third Party Hardware List

We've used many third party devices with our StrongARM family of products. Devices include a host of PCMCIA cards; 802.11b wireless Ethernet; GPS receivers; CDPD, CDMA and POTS modems; Ricochet cards; and more.

We regularly test new products on the market, but have found that products on the consumer market change often. Worse, we have found that the internal electronics of consumer devices with the same product number will change without notice. For each device that you integrate into your system, make sure that you have a validation test that confirms that the device will meet your product requirements.

ADS maintains careful version control of its products, and offers configuration management services for production volume customers.

We do not currently maintain a list of validated devices. However, the following products are ones that we have found work reliably with our single board computers.

Edited by akidder 19-May-2005: Remove the following text from the post:

We (or one of our customers) have used every device on the list with at least one ADS product and operating system, which means there's a good chance it will work with your application. Obsolete list, last updated 4 March 2002 (pdf)


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Posted - 08 Apr 2002 :  14:48:53  Show Profile  Email Poster

Windows CE Top Picks

Below is a list of 802.11 Wireless cards/Wired Ethernet cards that Eurotech has supported in the past. If you have any questions regarding the support of one of these cards on a specific Eurotech product, drop us a line at


- LinkSys WCF54G CF card (CE builds mid-Jan 2006)

- Summit SDC-CF10G Cisco Aironet compatible; external antenna

- Motorola LA-5137

- Zcomax (Prism compatible) X1-325H


- Symbol Wireless Networker (e.g. LA-4137-1020-WW, LA-4137-1002-WW)
[Note that Symbol has indicated that it does not plan to update its CE 4.2 drivers to work with CE 5.0]

- Lucent Orinoco (no longer in production? CE drivers they provided circa 2002 had a small memory leak).

Wired Ethernet:

- LinkSys USB300M USB-to-Ethernet (RNDIS)

- Socket Communications Rugged card

- Hawking CF686TX 10/100 (aka HCF686TX)
- Compex ReadyPort

Drew Kidder
ADS Technology Transfer

(*) When using Aironet cards with ADS single-board computers built before 2002, make sure you have the 12V input to your system disconnected as described in this forum topic.

Edited by akidder 4-May-2005: Add LA-4137 and product links.
Edited by akidder 9-Nov-2005: Add Socket Communications link.
Edited by akidder 10-Jan-2006: Add 802.11g and WLP54G.
Edited by akidder 20-Jan-2006: Correct 802.11g product name to WCF54G.
Edited by akidder 17-Feb-2006: Add updated HCF686TX model number
Edited by akidder 15-Sep-2006: Add link to WCF54G product page; change Linksys to Cisco Linksys
Edited by akidder 26-Sep-2006: Add note about LA-4137 not support in CE 5.0. Indicate that 802.11g is current direction for the industry.
Edited by akidder 4-Jan-2007: Add Summit Data Communications link
Edited by mgrenier 6-Jun-2008: Add Zcomax and Motorola LA-5137
Edited by akidder 6-Feb-2008: Add LinkSys USB300M. Indicate Hawking and Compex wired Ethernet cards are no longer produced.
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Posted - 23 Jul 2003 :  17:59:14  Show Profile  Email Poster

NE2000-compatible Ethernet cards

NE2000 is a standard to which an entire generation of Ethernet devices was built. Both Linux and Windows CE readily work with NE2000-compatible PCMCIA and CompactFlash cards, so it's always handy to have one of them around.

Here are a few NE2000 cards we know about:
  • Compex LinkPort Enet-A and Enet-B (PCMCIA)

  • LinkSys EC2T (PCMCIA)
These are currently stocked and available at reasonably low prices. Take a look at for current prices and availability.

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Posted - 26 Sep 2006 :  14:58:03  Show Profile  Email Poster
Diminishing Availability of 802.11b Cards

Manufacturers appear to be dropping their 802.11b product lines in favor of 802.11g cards. 802.11g is backward compatible with 802.11b networks and cards, albeit with reduced throughput.

Keep this market trend in mind as you design wireless Ethernet into your product.
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