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Posted - 26 Feb 2002 :  09:48:07  Show Profile  Email Poster
Q: I don't want users of my system to have any chance of accessing the Windows CE desktop. How can I do this?

You can use the following registry key on most ADS products to suppress the CE desktop by disabling the shell :
; Most ADS Boards
"LaunchCEShell"=dword:0 ; 1=show desktop, 0=suppress desktop

; Sphere

The key above is phasing in to CE builds in early 2006. The following deprecated keys are used in CE builds created before this period. The keys include the platform name, and apply to all ADS products (BitsyX, AGX, VGX, GCX and others). Select the product key that matches your platform:
"LaunchCEShell"=dword:0 ; 1=show desktop, 0=suppress desktop

When you do this, you will get no CE desktop after boot. To run automatically your application must be in one of the following locations:
  • "flashfx disk\startup\" folder (most common)

  • "storage card\startup\" (PCMCIA) folder

  • loaded into onboard flash as "adsload.exe"
To display/use the CE desktop when it is suppressed, you can do one of the following:
  • Change the above key in the ADSLOAD.REG file to show the desktop

  • Launch Explorer programmatically (see topic 1176 for discussion):
    CreateProcess(_T("explorer.exe"), NULL, NULL, NULL, FALSE, 0, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);
  • Put the Run_Explorer.exe application in the startup folder of your PCMCIA ATA card
    This will display the CE desktop and override any executable files installed in the FlashFX disk
Note: Suppression of the desktop was added beginning with CE builds built November 2000 and later. The launch key was updated beginning in early 2006.

ADS Knowledge Base

Edited by akidder 17-Apr-2002: Add link to Explorer.exe (CE 3.0).
Edited by akidder 14-Jul-2003: Add keys for other products.
Edited by akidder 14-Mar-2006: Indicate deprecation of older launch key. Replace link to Explorer.exe for CE 3.0 with Run_Explorer app.
Edited by jnosek 25-Sep-2006: Changed link to new build of run_explorer.exe
Edited by jnosek 07-Mar-2007: Added reg key for Sphere systems
Edited by ljoy 10-Oct-07: Put the backslashes back in

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