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Posted - 05 Mar 2003 :  18:35:23  Show Profile  Email Poster
Bitsy Plus CE Files

The following are links to the Windows CE files used for the ADS Bitsy Plus. These files include more recent releases of the CE image and configuration files than may have been shipped on your evaluation system.

CE Build Histories
The 'Build Selector' option has been removed. If you require Bitsy Plus CE Images, please drop us a line with your requirements and we'll be glad to assist.

Build selector

Bitsy Plus boot code
Boot switch settings (.txt, same as Bitsy)

Related topics: Bitsy Plus Users Manual, ADSmartIO Firmware

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Posted - 05 Mar 2003 :  18:41:18  Show Profile  Email Poster

Bitsy Plus CE Builds: One Build Fits All
"NoCF" Build is Obsolete

The "NoCF" build for the Bitsy Plus has been rendered obsolete by improvements to the CE drivers and boot code. Beginning with CE builds 3.10 and 4.11 (CE 3.0 and .NET, respectively), and boot code 1.76, CE and the boot ROM read two entries from the ADSLOAD.HWT to determine how many slots are available for uploading the operating system and connecting peripherals.

You can download the ADSLOAD.HWT file from the CE Build selector, or just add the following entries to your existing HWT file:

; Number of PCMCIA/CF sockets
; This entry defines how many sockets the boot code should check
; when set up to load from PCMCIA/CF. The CE image also uses
; this information to determine if a CF card or the Ethernet
; personality board is installed.
; Note that ADS Ethernet personality boards also require that you
; set the number of slots to 2.
; 2 : Bitsy CF or Ethernet personality board.
; Boot code and CE image detects Ethernet automatically.
; 1 : No ADS CF or Ethernet personality board.
; Bitsy Plus will have only the PCMCIA slot for updates.
; Use this value for custom personality boards that don't
; use the ADS CompactFlash or Ethernet designs.
; 0 : Reserved for backward compatibility.
0xC0000F18 0x00000001 ; number of PCMCIA/CF sockets
; Bitsy Personality Board Revision
; Tells the boot code and CE which personality board revision is
; connected. This value is used only if number of sockets = 2.
; 0 : reserved for backward compatibility (system assumes rev 2)
; 1 : Rev 2
; 2 : Rev A
0xC0000F30 0x00000002 ; revision level of Bitsy Personality Board

CE and the boot ROM need to know the revision level of the personality board because of the changes that occurred in the personality board power management signals between revisions 2 and A of the board.

Edited by akidder 11-Mar-2003: Correct boot code version from 1.77 to 1.76.
Edited by akidder 27-Mar-2003: Delete sentence fragment.

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Posted - 11 Apr 2003 :  17:36:33  Show Profile  Email Poster

LED and Serial 1 DTR

The Serial 1 DTR line and the LED are controlled by the same StrongARM GPIO line (GP20). To control the LED, open COM1: and set the state of the DTR line on(DTR_CONTROL_DISABLE) or off(DTR_CONTROL_ENABLE). The LED1: driver is not available in current builds of CE for the Bitsy Plus.

See rev 3 of the Heartbeat.exe application for an example of how to do this.
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Posted - 22 Apr 2003 :  15:59:06  Show Profile  Email Poster

Updating from CE 3.0 to CE.NET

There are a couple things to note when updating from CE 3.0 to CE.NET:

Reformat Flash when Changing Images

When you change from CE 3.0 to CE.NET, or change image sizes on Bitsy Plus, you may need to low-level format the flash disk. Changes in flash disk driver versions between builds can sometimes prevent CE from launching(see topic 341).

Messages from Persistent Registry Driver

The new persistent registry driver may say that the "registry area is blank." This is normal until a RegFlushKey() call is made. If it complains that the flash disk is interfering with the registry, correct the entries in the adsload.reg file that set the size of the flash disk.
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