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Posted - 01 Jun 2004 :  16:39:30  Show Profile  Email Poster
CE Files and Build Revision History: GCX

Legal Notice
These Windows CE images are intended to update GCX product for which a Windows CE license has already been purchased. You must purchase a new license for every unit that is updated to a new version of Windows CE (e.g. 5 to 6) or updated to a different license model (e.g. Core to Pro).

By downloading any Windows CE image from this site, you agree to the following Microsoft statement:
"This software is subject to the terms and conditions of the end user license terms. This software is provided only for use with, and for licensed end users of, the Eurotech GCX. Any other use of this software is strictly prohibited and may subject you to legal action."

The following are links to the Windows CE files used for the Graphics ClientX. These files include more recent releases of the CE image and configuration files than may have been shipped on your development system.

Related topics: GCX User's Manual, CE Boot Code, ADSmartIO Firmware

Dev system config files (LQ64D343, 4wire touch): Rev 7015 (zip)


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CE Build Revision History

The following summarizes the changes made between CE builds for the Graphics ClientX. Release dates are approximate.

CE 5.0

5.00.29 (May-2015)
- Mounts FlashFX disk even if CFI reports invalid information
: 64 MiB DRAM : Core Hive 15MiB

5.00.27 (Apr-2011)
- Improved flash disk reliability with sleep-wake

Details: This update restores Eurotech's power manager (PM.DLL) to the CE build. This file has been missing since GCX builds 5.00.07 and 4.20.20. It is responsible for ensuring that flash disk activity has ended before the system goes to sleep.

5.00.25 (26-April-2010)
- Integrated NETUI changes from ADS CE 3.0 that allows disabling of network message boxes
- Improved reliability of CAN data during asynchronous RX/TX (details)
: 64 MiB DRAM : Core Hive 15MiB

5.00.24 (Jan-2010)
- Supports serial port XON/XOFF
- Serial port operates correctly after resume

5.00.23 (Mar-2008)
- Improves Ethernet reconnection after wakeup

5.00.22 (Jun-2008)
- Adds support for Socket Rugged Ethernet card

5.00.21 (16-Apr-2008)
- Fixed PS2 keyboard
- Fixed serial lock-up with input on boot
- Added VEE support
: 64 MiB DRAM : Core Hive 15MiB, Pro Hive 19MiB

5.00.18 (11-Jan-2008)
- Update flash driver to read and make use of CFI geometry information
- Fixed problem of serial input halting boot
- Fixed problem with USB ActiveSync
: 64 MiB DRAM : Core Hive 15MiB, Pro Hive 19MiB
Known Issues:
- PS2 Keyboard not working properly
- Problem reading CF cards in image, especially older 32Mb cards

5.00.17 (7-Dec-2007)
- Fixed PS2 keyboard response for F5 and F7

5.00.15 (19-Sept-2007)
- Fixed CANbus high volume queue error

5.00.13 (24-August-2007)
- Added support for Socket Communications Rugged 10/100 cards

5.00.12 (27-June-2007)
- Added EDB Database support

5.00.11 (18-June-2007)
- Fixed QueryPerformanceCounter() rollback error

5.00.10 (18-May-2007)
- Fixes reading the analog input channels on the UCB1400 while using the touch screen
: 64 MiB DRAM : Core Hive 15MiB, Pro Hive 18MiB

5.00.09 (2-Jan-2007)
- Adds true-type fonts
: 64 MiB DRAM : Pro Hive 17MiB

5.00.08 (Dec-2007)
- Corrects suspend/resume issue

5.00.06 (Oct-2006)
- Update CompactFramework from 2.0 (2.0.5238.00) to 2.0 SP1 (2.0.6129.00)
- Add Arial font
Known issues:
- Problem reading CF cards in image, especially older 32Mb cards

5.00.04 (18-Aug-2006)
- First release on Win CE 5.0 for GCX
: 64 MiB DRAM : Pro Hive 16MiB

CE.NET 4.2

Note: Beginning with build 4.20.20, the flash disk may be vulnerable to corruption if active when the system goes to sleep. See build 5.00.27 notes for details.

4.20.27 (Jun-2008)
- Adds support for Socket Rugged Ethernet card

4.20.21 (23-May-2007)
- Fixes reading the analog input channels on the UCB1400 while using the touch screen
: 64 MiB DRAM : Core Hive 14MiB, Pro Hive 20MiB

4.20.18 (13-July-2006)
- Timer interrupt handler improved
: 64 MiB DRAM : Core Hive 14MiB, Pro Hive 20MiB

4.20.16 (10-May-2006)
- Fixes Serial Ports (COM 1 and COM 2)
Known issue: COM3 is disabled. To fix, add the following registry key to ADSLOAD.REG:
"Order"=dword:5 ; a setting of 3 conflicts with COM3
: 64 MiB DRAM : Pro Hive 20MiB

4.20.15 (7-Mar-2006)
- Adds key to enable back up of hive registry to hidden files[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Platform] "HiveRegBackUp"=dword:1
- Removes older, deprecated GPIO driver (gpio.dll's GPB1: and GPI1: to GPI9:)
Known issue: Serial ports not available in this build

4.20.13 (6-Jan-2006)
- Adds support for WCF54G wireless card
- Employs improved serial driver that is common across platforms
- Adds LED drivers LED1: and LED2:
- Adds registry key to allow PCMCIA modems to enumerate properly

4.20.12 (4-Nov-2005)
- Registry is now hive-based (stored in flash disk)
- Display driver: enhancements for performance and rotation
- Touch panel driver: 4- and 5- wire meet spec v 1.1
- Backlight driver: Meets spec v 1.0
- Flash disk: Uses FlashFX Pro and Reliance (new license cost)
- USB function port (e.g. ActiveSync): Improved connection detection
- Incorporates Microsoft QFEs Q2 and Q3 2005
- IrDA not implemented
Known issues:
- Contention between flash disk drivers can cause file corruption at boot (observed March 2006).

Note: CE build 4.20.12 and later use the Datalight Reliance flash file system. Reliance provides better error recovery from file system corruption that can occur from unexpected power loss during a flash write. There is a slightly higher license cost to use the Reliance flash drivers.

4.20.11 (21-June-2005)
- Touchpanel controller: bug fix (lock up)
- Cleaned up display driver initialization

4.20.10 (1-June-2005)
- Faster performance
- Backlight driver v 1.0

4.20.09 (20-May-2005)
- Adds ADS CAN driver v1.4
- Display driver: fix bug in ShowMouseCursor
- DIO driver: bug fix
- DIO driver: Adds LEDs

4.20.08 (22-Apr-2005)
- ADSLOAD.REG parser: bug fix
- Uses 9x skin instead of XP skin
- Loader supports omission of ADSLOAD.EXE

4.20.07 (22-Mar-2005)
- Display driver: Adds dynamic screen rotation
- ADS CAN driver v1.3
- Wireless driver: Uses WZC APIs and auto-selects a network on card insertion
- Wireless driver: Removes Cisco PCM350 driver
- ADSmartIO: Removes SIOSelectOption read/write masks (requires ADSmartIO 4017Q or later)
- ADSmartIO: AVRPROG.EXE supports ATMega parts
- Incorporates cumulative QFEs for 2004

4.20.06 (25-Jan-2005)
- Adds ADS CAN driver v1.2
- Adds ADS DIO driver v1.0
- Supports both four- and five-wire touch panels
- Does not include IrDA driver

4.20.05 (19-Nov-2004)
- Includes ADS CAN driver v1.1
- Touch panel driver: corrects bug where far right side touch can wrap to left
- Corrects issue where CE desktop is not suppressed at boot
- Corrects problem with ActiveSync on COM3

4.20.04 (20-Sept-2004)
- RS422, RS485 set through a registry key
- Fix for AVR keypad keys 58, 59
- Fixed VPERM line
- Adds DIO digital I/O driver v 1.0
- CAN settings persist across sleep
- Added serial mouse driver
- SmartIO settings persist across reset

4.20.02 (3-May-2004)
- Touch panel driver: improved calibration reads more samples, requires that user hold till crosshairs move
- Touch panel driver: ADC hold times can be set in registry to support different panels
- Adds Hawking network card driver
- Adds UCBIO and GPIO drivers
- PCMCIA driver updated to prevent lockups under some conditions
- ADSmartIO driver: Unsupported functions removed
Known Issues:
- ADSmartIO Keypad functions do not work

4.20.01 (4-March-2004)
- Initial Release

Updated Feb 7, 08 (jjoseph): Added link to 5.00.18
Updated June 22, 07 (jjoseph): added config files for 4wire Dev systems
Updated Aug 2, 05 (hchin): added entry for 4.20.11
Edited by akidder 7-Jan-2005: Add notes for release 4.20.05.
Updated Sep 21, 04 (ctacke): added entry for 4.20.04
Updated Jun 24, 04 (ctacke): added known keypad issue for 4.20.02
UPdated 20-May-2015 akidder: Add note about flash driver change in 5.00.18


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Posted - 02 Aug 2005 :  15:15:37  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted build 4.20.10 and 4.20.11 to the build selector.
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