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Posted - 04 May 2006 :  16:58:00  Show Profile  Email Poster
BitsyXb Windows CE Boot Code

Boot code for the BitsyXb is stored in onboard flash and can be updated in the field. You may need to do this to support performance improvements or newer features of Windows CE builds.

Select the boot code for your system based on the amount of DRAM installed and the version of the board you are using.

Instructions for updating the boot code are found in the Developer's Getting Started Guide.

Related topics: BitsyXb CE files page, BitsyXb User Manual

Rev A BitsyXb
Boots Rev 1 through Rev A BitsyXb CE systems

2.23 (7-Aug-2009)
- Improved flash initialization (resolves potential boot timing issues)

2.20 (Apr-2009)
- Added support for Numonyx flash chips

Warning: To reload boot code on a BitsyXb built with Numonyx flash, use boot version 2.20 or later. Older bootloaders don't know how to handle the sub-partitioning of the boot block of flash and will brick your board.

2.12 (26-Sep-2008)
- Added support for a 1280x800 display using SM501

2.11 (26-Feb-2008)
- Fixed 8bpp display and 8bpp BMP file splash screen
- Added support for palette
- Fixed pointers to be uncached

2.10 (1-Oct-2007)
- Improved drawing of 256 color splash screen on 16bpp displays
- Supports setting MAC address from boot menu

2.8 (28-June-2007)
- Supports 16 bpp background fill for boot splash screen
- Eliminates potential for flash corruption during boot (a potential issue since v2.2)

2.7 (30-May-2007)
- Fixed invisible file problem on CF and SD FAT32
- Fixed problem of FAT32 CF causing soft reset
- Added support for 8 and 24 bit bitmaps
- Fix for splash screen fading in 24 bpp bitmaps

2.4 (12-Dec-2006)
- Support for splash screen in bootloader for Intel PXA27x on chip display controller
- Known issue: If a reset occurs during a specific 1-second window during boot, flash could be corrupted.

2.2 (5-Oct-2006)
- Adds support for changing the CPU speed (CCCR)
- Fixes failure to read read-only files from Compact Flash cards
- Known issue: If a reset occurs during a specific 1-second window during boot, flash could be corrupted.
- Known issue: Does not support programming MAC address

1.32 (11-July-2006)
- Boot process including switch settings and virtual switches.
- Hardware table now matches documentation.
- Enabled loading from Compact Flash slot
- P30 flash support
- MAC address programming support
- Disk directory for PC Card
- PC card detection and Power

1.29 (1-May-2006)
- Supports loading nk.bin from CompactFlash card (but not REG & HWT)

1.28 (8-Apr-2006)
- Update to DIP switches and bootswitch settings to match other CE products
- Known issue: DIP switches are opposite from other members of Bitsy family. Exchange on and off positions to use this boot code. "Bootswitch" numbers in HWT file are same as other products.
- Known issue 2: DIP switch positions reported incorrectly on debug output

Edited by jjoseph 10-Jul-2007: Added link to bootloader 2.8
Edited by akidder 10-Jul-2007: Add note for 2.2 and 2.4 concerning potential for flash corrruption. Indicate that it's resolve in 2.8.
Edited by akidder 24-Jul-2007: Add note that MAC address programming does not work in 2.2 (probably does not work in others, either)


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Posted - 05 May 2006 :  17:43:29  Show Profile  Email Poster
Boot 1.26 and 1.27 DIP Switch Settings Different from Manual

For systems with boot ROM versions 1.26 and 1.27, dip switch settings do not follow the descriptions outlined in the Developer's Getting Started Guide.

This issue was fixed in later boot ROM's, and switches are now used as described in the Developer's Getting Started Guide.

For users who wish to boot from ATA card, the following line should be added to the adsload.hwt under [TAGS]

BootSwitch 0x00000002

adsload.hwt can be downloaded HERE

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Posted - 13 Jul 2006 :  09:54:41  Show Profile  Email Poster
Updated forum topic with boot loader 1.32
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Posted - 21 Jun 2007 :  12:07:24  Show Profile
HWT File Settings to Initialize Splash Screen

To include a splash screen on the BitsyXb, include your desired image in adsload.bmp and make the following additions to you adsload.hwt file.

The [TAGS] section of the hwt file should include the following:

BootLogo 0x00000002 ; 0x02=adsload.bmp
LogoBckGround 0x00003B74 ; @16bpp, 0x3B74=CE.NET background color

The [PHYSICAL] section of the hwt file should include:

0x08000018 0x00000007 ; AVR NOT in reset with /AVR_WAKEUP inactive and LED on
0x08000018 0x00000005 ; Put the AVR in reset
0x08000018 0x00000007 ; Take the AVR out of reset

This option is available for BitsyXb bootloaders 2.4 and later.
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Posted - 10 Jul 2007 :  16:15:23  Show Profile
Added link to Bootloader version 2.8
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Posted - 22 Oct 2007 :  13:24:08  Show Profile
Added link to Bootloader version 2.10
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