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Posted - 04 May 2006 :  16:39:35  Show Profile  Email Poster
CE Build Revision History: BitsyXb

The following summarizes the changes made between CE builds for the BitsyXb. Release dates are approximate.

Standard REG/HWT files: 7007 (LQ64D343 640x480 VGA TFT @ 16 bpp)

Related topics: BitsyXb CE boot code, DIP switches (topic 983), BitsyXb User Manual, ADSmartIO

Legal Notice
These Windows CE images are intended to update BitsyXb product for which a Windows CE license has already been purchased. You must purchase a new license for every unit that is updated to a new version of Windows CE (e.g. 5 to 6) or updated to a different license model (e.g. Core to Pro).

By downloading any Windows CE image from this site, you agree to the following Microsoft statement:
"This software is subject to the terms and conditions of the end user license terms. This software is provided only for use with, and for licensed end users of, the Eurotech BitsyXb. Any other use of this software is strictly prohibited and may subject you to legal action."

CE.NET 6.0

6.00.11 (Mar-2011)
- Added Silverlight
- Added Gestures
- Added Bluetooth
- Changed image size from 29MB to 23MB
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Pro Hive (23MiB),

6.00.09 (Aug-2010)
- Updated build with WinCE 6.0 R3
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (18MiB),

6.00.06 (Nov-2009)
- Updated QFEs to October 2008
- Updated to CompactFramework v3.5
- Added support for SDHC
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (17MiB), : Pro Hive (28MiB)

6.00.04 (Feb-2008)
- Initial release
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (16MB), Pro Hive (24MB)

CE.NET 5.0

5.00.60 (Nov-2010)
- Added Arial font
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (17MiB)

5.00.59 (Aug-2010)
- Improved throughput of rndisfn
- SmartIO: Resolved driver failure that occurred after several hours of calls to SIOReadKeypad()
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (17MiB), : Pro Hive (25MiB)

5.00.51 (Apr-2009)
- Added support for Numonyx flash chips
- Corrected memory leak in SIOReadTemperatureAD()
- Corrected system hang issue when SD card is removed during R/W
Known issues:
- 86k memory leak on each sleep/wake cycle
- Screen streaking during Ethernet test
- May fail to boot unless flash is wiped clean prior to loading image and other boot files
- ActiveSync does not re-connect after hardware reset or software sleep/wake
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Pro Hive (25MiB), Core Hive,, (17MiB)

5.00.49 (Jan-2009)
- Fixed A/D driver reading data when no activity is present
- Fixed resume unlocking blocks with greater than 32MB flash
- Added NOP Display driver
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (17MiB)

5.00.47 (Dec-2008)
- Added support for SDHC
- Fixed resume for Ethernet connector board
- Updated to Compact Framework v3.5
- Fixed temperature reading in SmartIO
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (17MiB), Pro Hive (25MiB)

5.00.44 (Nov-2008)
- Fixed USB Function Interrupt Handling
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (16MiB), Pro Hive (24MiB)

5.00.43 (Oct-2008)
- I2C driver: Adds multi-master support
- SmartIO: Corrects issue that can cause system halt after heavy use

5.00.39 (Sept-2008)
- Fixed Smartio Interrupt Thread Output (Memory leak, fixed in 5.00.51)
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (16MiB), Pro Hive (24MiB)

5.00.38 (July-2008)
- Fixed Smartio application interface
- Added support for Summit wireless cards
- Added support for Socket Rugged card using Socket's driver
- Added support for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT in adsload.reg
- Added support for @ in adsload.reg
- Updated A/D driver
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (16MiB), Pro Hive (24MiB)

5.00.37 (Jun-2008)
- Added support for Ethernet Chip LAN9116 on Bitsy G5 Personality Board (ref topic 2602)
- Known issue: Smartio application interface does not work
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (16MiB), Pro Hive (24MiB)

5.00.36 (Feb-2008)
- Fixed serial port at boot
- Added APIs for versions and flash
- Known issue: For >32MB flash, incorrectly reports the FlashFX Disk size as too small
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (16MiB), Pro Hive (24MiB)

5.00.35 (Jan-2008)
- Added ADSAPI support for image update
- Known issues: Sometimes backlight stays on during sleep; After sleep/wake, storage card occasionally re-enumerates as “StorageCard2”
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (16MiB), Pro Hive (24MiB)

5.00.32 (May-2007)
- Removes ProPlus components from Pro build
- Adds support for AVRPROG.exe for CE update of AVR code
- Requires EatPwrOnIntr key found in Dev HWT/REG file 7006
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Pro Hive (24MiB)

5.00.31 (Apr-2007)
- DIO driver 2.0
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (16MiB), Pro Hive (24MiB)

5.00.29 (Mar-2007)
- Corrects audio and USB ActiveSync dropped after wakeup
- Improved Ethernet performance (fewer overruns)
- SD/MMC driver uses DMA (faster performance)
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (16MiB), Pro Plus Hive (24MiB)

5.00.27 (22-Nov-2006)
- Corrects problem with debug breakpoints
- Adds support to read flash serial number
- Contrast (Vee) restored after wakeup
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Pro Plus Hive (24MiB), Pro Hive (16MiB)

5.00.26 (20-Oct-2006)
- Corrects problem with COM3 (COMTERM)
- Corrects image distortion with some ADSLOAD.BMP images
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Pro Plus Hive (24MiB)

5.00.25 (Oct-2006)
- Ethernet: Resolves issues with occasional dropout

5.00.23 (23-August-2006)
- USB ActiveSync: Corrects connection failure issue
- Known issue: May not have enough program memory at boot.
Workaround: Use memory allocation script from topic 1364.
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Pro Plus Hive (24MiB)

5.00.22 (23-August-2006)
- Ethernet driver: Corrects issue where sometimes stops responding to incoming data
- Adds support for SPI-initialized LCD
- Adds support for Wireless LAN Simple Mobility card

5.00.20 (3-August-2006)
- Fixed USB drop out when using Ethernet/Active Sync debugging (eVC)
- Fixed Parsing Adsload.reg for strings
- Known issues: Active Sync may not connect after a sleep / wake cycle if Ethernet port is also in use. Ethernet and WiFi appear to slow down the system. WiFi connection may drop or be slow.
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Pro Plus Hive (24MiB)

5.00.18 (11-July-2006)
- Fixed touch calibration saving
- Applied current QFEs (should fix USB Mass Storage and performance)
- Added restart.exe
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Pro Plus Hive (24MiB)

5.00.17 (23-May-2006)
- Corrects issue with flash driver
- Known issue: USB HID driver sometimes gives error after wakeup (see 5.00.15).
: 64/128 MiB DRAM : Pro Plus Hive (24MiB)

5.00.16 (21-May-2006)
- Adds run-time support for different size DRAM and flash. Update ADSLOAD.HWT as follows:
FlashFX_32M_Mult 0x01 ; 0x00=32MB(default), 0x01=64MB flash, 02=96, 03=128M...
DramSizeInMB 0x80; 0x40=64MB(default), 0x80=128MB

5.00.15 (9-May-2006)
- Adds SD/MMC memory card support
- Touch panel driver: Improves performance
- Supports P30 flash
- Corrects some suspend/resume errors
- Known Issue: Sometimes does not suspend/resume correctly. Workaround is to disable USB host ([HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\OHCI] "Flags"=dword:4)

5.00.14 (1-May-2006)
- Updates touch screen driver
- Adds wireless card driver
- Pro Plus builds add Image Viewer
Known Issues: Touch screen driver has a bug which causes misalignment after calibration.
: 64 MiB DRAM : Pro Plus Hive (24MiB)

5.00.10 (27-Mar-2006)
- New touch panel driver
- Corrects insertion/removal issue with PCMCIA
: 64 MiB DRAM : Pro Plus Hive (22MiB)

5.00.09 (20-Mar-2006)
- Initial release
: 64 MiB DRAM : Core Hive (14MiB)

Edited by akidder 6-Jun-2008: Add HWT entries for DRAM and flash size under build 5.00.16.
Edited by twhite 29-Sep-2010: Add v5.00.51 Core Hive download link.
Edited by twhite 14-Mar-2011: Add v6.00.11 Pro Hive download link.
Edited by akidder 8-Feb-2012: Add links to DIP switch page/diagram


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Posted - 13 Jul 2006 :  09:55:22  Show Profile  Email Poster
Updated forum topic with new Win CE Image 5.00.18
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Posted - 01 Sep 2006 :  11:03:34  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted build 5.00.23.
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Posted - 05 Dec 2006 :  10:00:50  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted build 5.00.27.
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Posted - 10 Jul 2007 :  17:12:10  Show Profile
We've posted build 5.00.32 and updated the HWT/REG file reference.
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Posted - 14 Mar 2008 :  16:48:22  Show Profile  Email Poster
CE 6.0 builds are now available upon receipt of a signed EULA. Clicking the link will send an email to ADS requesting the build. We send you the EULA via email, then you agree to it via return email. We then send you the link to download the build. This process will be automated in the future, but for now, it works.
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Posted - 29 Sep 2009 :  17:38:42  Show Profile  Email Poster
BitsyXb build 5.00.51 and later will support Numonyx flash. If your board is populated with Numonyx flash chips, you will also need bootloader 2.23 or later.
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Posted - 29 Sep 2010 :  10:15:29  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted v5.00.51 Core Hive download link.
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