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Posted - 17 Dec 2003 :  18:20:47  Show Profile  Email Poster
CE Build Revision History: BitsyX

Legal Notice
These Windows CE images are intended to update BitsyX product for which a Windows CE license has already been purchased. You must purchase a new license for every unit that is updated to a new version of Windows CE (e.g. 5 to 6) or updated to a different license model (e.g. Core to Pro).

By downloading any Windows CE image from this site, you agree to the following Microsoft statement:
"This software is subject to the terms and conditions of the end user license terms. This software is provided only for use with, and for licensed end users of, the Eurotech BitsyX. Any other use of this software is strictly prohibited and may subject you to legal action."

The following summarizes the changes made between CE builds for the BitsyX. Release dates are approximate.

Related topics: BitsyX CE boot code, driver details and usage.

REG/HWT files: -0700J LQ64D343 development system (640x480 VGA TFT @ 16 bpp)

CE 5.0

5.00.13 (Oct-2007)
We continue to recommend that developers transition to the BitsyXb.
- Added support for new Z threshold algorithm
: 64 MiB DRAM : Pro Hive 19 MiB, Core Hive 14MiB

5.00.11 (23-Jun-2006)
Courtesy of one of our long-time customers, we have CE 5.0 release images. We continue to recommend that developers transition to the BitsyXb and that existing customers continue to use CE 4.2 on BitsyX. We are not doing new develoment of CE 5.0 on BitsyX.
- Changes NDIS model to 5.0 from 4.0
- Supports NE2000-compatible Ethernet cards
- Corrects issue with USB and Ethernet combination after wakeup
: 64 MiB DRAM : Core Hive 14MiB

5.00.03 BETA IMAGE (18-May-2006)
This is a beta image of CE 5.0. For new product development, we recommend customers transition to the BitsyXb. Existing customers should continue to use CE 4.2 on BitsyX. We do not currently have plans for further develoment of CE 5.0 on BitsyX.
- Voice Over IP support
- Mpeg codec added
- Ethernet ping fix
- Pcmcia resume fix
- Persistent storage app able to format flash disk
Known issues:
- Registry does not persist correctly
: 64 MiB DRAM : Pro Ram 16MiB

CE.NET 4.2

4.20.52 (19-August-2008)
- I2C driver update to control Stop condition in Read operation
- Fixes possible input on serial port locking up the system
: 64 MiB DRAM : Pro Hive 20MiB, Core Hive 14MiB

4.20.46 (12-April-2007)
- Changes NDIS model to 5.0 from 4.0
- Supports NE2000-compatible Ethernet cards
- Corrects issue with USB and Ethernet combination after wakeup
: 64 MiB DRAM : Pro Hive 20MiB, Core Hive 14MiB

4.20.37 (Jul-2006)
- Flash disk: Adds IOCTLs to suspend/resume operation and restores IOCTLs to read flash id (s/n)
- USB mass storage driver improved; supports more USB storage keys (MS QFE reduces enumeration time)
- Serial driver for off-board 16550 UART updated (shared from other platforms) see note
: 64 MiB DRAM : Pro Hive 20MiB, Core Hive 13MiB

4.20.34 (28-Mar-2006)
- I2C driver: Performance improvements
- Audio driver: enables amplifier
- Backlight driver: turns off during sleep
- ADSmartIO: No longer resets AVR during wakeup with some hardware/firmware combinations.
: 64 MiB DRAM : Pro Hive 20MiB, Core Hive 14MiB

4.20.28 (17-Jan-2006)
- Touch panel driver: improved sampling logic
- Ethernet driver: supports multicast packets
- Audio driver: Supports 22kbps playback
- DIO driver: Updated to v 1.1
- Serial drivers: improved performance
- Mouse cursor supports inverted and slowed cursor (passive displays)
- Improved launcher performance
- Adds LinkSys WCF54G driver
- Cisco PCM350 driver updated to 2.60
- USB: Improved performance

4.20.25 (4-Nov-2005)
- Fixed bug in display driver for panel power sequence
- Update backlight control per spec 1.0
- Fixed bug in USB Function driver for connection detection
- Fixed PS/2 keyboard F7 function key bug
- Minor improvements in touchpanel driver logic
- Fixed display driver for QVGA rotated mode. Change rotation using the following entry:
"Angle"=dword:0 ;5A=90, B4=180, 10E=270

: 64 MiB DRAM : Pro Hive 18 MiB, Core Hive 14 MiB

4.20.19 (21-Sep-2005)
- Changes flash disk driver to Datalight Reliance 1.13 and FlashFX Pro 1.11
- Hive-based registry replaced RAM-based
- Applies latest quarterly QFEs
- USB Function driver supports changing VID and PID
- DIO driver: bug fixes
- Backlight now meets Backlight driver spec 1.0
- Display driver meets spec 1.0
- Touch driver meets spec 1.1
: 64 MiB DRAM : Pro Hive 18 MiB, Core Hive 12 MiB

Important! The flash disk driver has changed in builds 4.20.18 and later. If you update your CE image from an older build, the flash disk will be reformatted.
Note also that builds after this point are also generally going to include hive-based registries instead of RAM-based registries.

4.20.17 (29-Apr-2005)
- I2C driver: Bug fix after sleep/wake
- Registry loader: Bug fix after sleep/wake
: 64 MiB DRAM : Core Ram 12MiB , Pro Ram 20MiB

4.20.16 (13-Apr-2005)
(includes changes from 4.20.15)
- Added new touchpanel driver (spec 1.0)
- Added new Ethernet driver from SMSC
- Applied cumulative QFEs for 2004
- Touch panel driver: Added reg persistence
- Win95-like shell
- Fixed GSM audio bug
- ADSLOAD.REG parser now notifies you if file is in poorly formatted
- Fixed I2C driver bug
- DIO driver: LED added
- DIO driver: Fixed bug in interrupt capabilities
- Display driver: added dynamic screen rotation and speed optimizations
- Fixed flash unlock bug for 64 MB flash chips.
- Modified debug output so all lines ending with only \
now get terminated with \
(prettier hyperterm output)

4.20.14 (2-Feb-2005)
- Support 32 and 64 MB flash.
- Implements digital I/O driver DIO 1.0

4.20.13 (8-Dec-2004)
- Adds latest Cisco Aironet, Spectrum24, and Hawking LE100 wireless drivers.
- Adds PCL printer driver.
- Registry parser: Now recognizes the '@' character for default keys, which was previously ignored.
- Registry parser: Assigns correct string length to REG_SZ registry values.
- Adds Swedish keyboard layout. Enable with the following registry entry:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Keyboard Layout\Preload1]

: 64 MiB DRAM : Pro Ram 20 MiB

4.20.12 (25-Aug-2004)
- Supports SD/MMC adapter board; enable with EnableSDMMC registry key.
- Includes Compact Framework SP2 and latest QFEs
- Hive and non-hive builds available

4.20.10 (28-Jul-2004)
- ADSmartIO: Supports both AT90S8535 and newer ATmega8535 chips
- Supercapacitors: When enabled, a low power voltage triggers sleep mode.
"SleepBySuperCaps"=dword:1 ; 0=default

- Infrared and IrDA communications are fully supported. Change jumper settings and set following registry key to use IrDA:

4.20.08 (3-June-2004)
- Removed Bluetooth support that caused COM1 interference

4.20.07 (21-May-2004)
- Implemented hive-based registry
- Fixed OEMQueryPerformanceCounter bug
- Fixed keypad scanning issue

4.20.06 (12-Apr-2004)
- Modified RTC Synchronization to be registry configurable

4.20.05 (24-Feb-2004)
- Drivers synchronized with build 4.10.36
- Applied Windows CE.NET 4.2 Yearly QFE Pack (31-Dec-2003)
- I2C driver: new architecture supports control of start and stop conditions
- ADSmartIO driver: supports ATMega 8535L in addition to 4434/8535 parts
- Power management: set CONN_B_PE1 and CONN_B_PE2 low when enter Sleep mode (corrects sleep power consumption with PS/2 keyboard)
- Touch panel driver: changes adsload.reg immediately after calibration (no longer uses TchCal.ini)
- Touch panel driver: if stored calibration data is invalid, forces recalibration
- Serial driver: eliminates garbage data during sleep/wake transitions
- Registry: permits "OnTop" and "AutoHide" entries to be set
- Registry: allows [HCUControlPanelAppearanceScheme]to be used in adsload.reg

4.20.04 (5-Feb-2004)
- Includes server components (ASP, RAS and file server)
- Touch panel driver: Corrects higher power consumption after wakeup
- Known issue: may not work with QVGA displays (e.g. LQ038Q5DR01) (ak 3mar04)
- Known issue: quad UART driver interferes with Ethernet personality board; causes Ethernet systems with CE to hang during boot. Affects builds 4.20.02 through .04 (CT/ak 23mar04)

4.20.03 (4-Dec-2003)
- Release updated with changes from 4.10.31

4.20.02 (17-Nov-2003)
- Second release based on 4.10.30

4.20.01 (27-Jun-2003)
- Initial release based on 4.10.19

CE.NET 4.1

4.10.38 (14-Feb-05)
- Uses updated Cisco PCM350 driver

4.10.37 (11-Feb-05)
- Adds support for 64MB Flash

4.10.36 (4-Feb-2004)
- Includes serial mouse driver. See topics 151 and 832 for usage details.

4.10.35 (4-Feb-2004)
- Corrects infrequent software reset issue in which interrupted SA-1111 DMA engine prevents system from booting completely.
- Known issues: CE couldn't recognize a 16 MiB Viking CF card with Lexar FC1250-TC-AG controller. Works fine with all SanDisk cards and with 8 and 32 MiB (Toshiba controller) Viking cards. [ADS ak/ia 8-oct-04]

4.10.34 (22-Jan-2004)
- Updates I2C driver to prevent contention between RTC driver and user applications

4.10.33 (20-Jan-2004)
- Corrects issue in which I2C RTC driver occasionally hangs up system during CE warm boot (e.g. with restart.exe)
- Display driver: supports PanelEnable registry key to leave display enabled when backlight turns off (e.g for transflective displays) (

4.10.32 (20-Dec-2003)
- COM3 driver: Now configured as "hardware UART" (better EIA-232 functionality than when configured as Bluetooth UART)

4.10.31 (4-Dec-2003)
- FlashFX disk driver: corrects issue that prevents formatting after CE image size has changed
- Double-tapping ADSLOAD.REG and .HWT opens them for viewing in Internet Explorer
- PCMCIA driver: Supports new power controls on rev C boards
- Incorporates Microsoft QFEs through Q3 of 2003

IMPORTANT: Due to changes in the power management signals for the CompactFlash bus, builds 4.10.31 and later are only for revision C BitsyX systems and later. Use these builds with older BitsyX systems only if you are not using the CF socket or bus.

4.10.30 (17-Nov-2003)
- Corrects problem in which system goes back to sleep after being put to sleep and awakened with RqOnOff
- Includes Symbol Wireless LAN card Driver (CF versions)
- No longer includes image viewers (reduces image size)

4.10.28 (8-Oct-2003)
- Supports external quad UARTs see note
- Corrects GetTickCount() issue
- Adds fix for Platform Manger problems
- Prevents interrupt lockup issue on older boards (e.g. Rev2 and pre-rev-6 CPLDs)

4.10.27 (12-Sep-2003)
- SA1111 driver: Change from GPIO1 to GPIO2 for SA-1111 interrupt (requires CPLD revision 6 or later)
- Flash disk driver: Supports reading unique flash serial number
- Serial 1 Driver: Support RS485 (select RTS_TOGGLE mode; requires external hardware)
"RS485"=dword:0 ; 1 to enable

Edited by akidder 15-Jul-2004: Add note about compatibility of builds beginning with 4.10.31.
Edited by akidder 1-May-2006: Remove links to build selector. Add direct links.
Edited by akidder 29-Sep-2006: Add link to REG/HWT for development system


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Posted - 29 Dec 2003 :  09:57:11  Show Profile  Email Poster

We've posted build 4.20.03 to the build selector.
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Posted - 05 Jan 2004 :  14:19:11  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted build 4.10.32 to the CE build selector.
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Posted - 20 Jan 2004 :  18:24:10  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted build 4.10.33 to the build selector.

We've also added a stripped-down, 11 MiB build for customers who would rather have more flash for data storage.
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Posted - 05 Feb 2004 :  19:31:40  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've added a couple new BitsyX builds, including a smaller 12MiB build (4.10.33) that includes XML features and updated builds for CE.NET 4.1 and 4.2.
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Posted - 26 Feb 2004 :  18:58:45  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've added a new build for 4.20. Build 4.20.05 is a full-featured CE.NET build, and is larger than previous builds.

Note! Save any important information on your flash disk before loading the larger image.
The flash will be re-partitioned to accomodate the larger build, erasing and reformatting the "FlashFX Disk\" partition.
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Posted - 24 May 2004 :  10:52:44  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted build 4.20.07.
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Posted - 03 Jun 2004 :  16:41:41  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted build 4.20.08.
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Posted - 06 Aug 2004 :  19:19:03  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted build 4.20.10 which supports IrDA, supercaps and reprogramming newer ADSmartIO systems.
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Posted - 15 Oct 2004 :  18:21:52  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted build 4.20.12.
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Posted - 10 Dec 2004 :  11:26:47  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted build 4.20.13.
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Posted - 03 Feb 2005 :  13:50:29  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted build 4.20.14 Core and Pro, along with DIO Specification.
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Posted - 14 Nov 2005 :  13:30:59  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted build 4.20.25 to the Build Selector.
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Posted - 24 Aug 2007 :  17:08:08  Show Profile  Email Poster

Potential Slowdown if Quad UART Not Disabled

One of our customers experienced a problem with the BitsyX in which some systems would occasionally slow to a crawl.

This kind of behavior is typical of a floating interrupt, so we had them walk their finger around the board to see if they could find the source. They found that when they touched two specific pins on the CompactFlash bus connector, the slowness disappeared.

After further investigation, they found that if they disabled the quad UART drivers, the slowdown never occurred. For reference, here are the keys used to disable the quad UART drivers:


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Posted - 04 Feb 2008 :  10:50:35  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted build 4.20.46
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Posted - 19 Aug 2008 :  12:37:09  Show Profile  Email Poster
We've posted build 4.20.52.

Addendum to I2C driver operation:

-A registry key can be used to let the application control the Stop bit in the I2C Read operation. A value of 1 will enable this feature, 0 will disable it. This value is read during initialization.

"SetStopByApp"=dword:1 ; 0 = Stop is called by driver after total bytes read

- I2C_IOCTL_SET_STOP_BY_APP can be used to control/modify this Stop bit setting at runtime. The IOCTL will not change the key in the registry.

#define I2C_IOCTL_SET_STOP_BY_APP 0x09

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